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Switzerland has to be one of the most romanticized places in India thanks to the Bollywood movies that we all have grown up watching. We too secretly hope to be Raj and Simran and discover romance like nowhere else in the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. There are many great honeymoon places in Switzerland.

These are the top honeymoon places in Switzerland.

  1. Zurich – The city with the fascinating culture

zurich switzerland

Zurich is one of the most popular places in Switzerland. This place has some beautiful lanes, some really amazing waterfront promenades and the mesmerizing view of mountains that are capped with snow. It is one of the best places to go while being on your honeymoon and create some wonderful memories together. This place is no doubt one of the best honeymoon places in Switzerland.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Zurich:

You can cross the waters of Lake Geneva with your partner, trust us, this is going to be an unforgettable experience. Also you can shop till you drop in Bahnofstrasse. You can also enjoy a great dining experience being at the great Rive Gauche

  1. Geneva – Experience and celebrate being alive like never before!

geneva switzerland

Geneva happens to be quite populous yet it is one of the best places that you would feel alive being in. It is a really great honeymoon destination to visit. There are some beautiful views that one can enjoy while being in Geneva. Geneva is one of the best Switzerland honeymoon destinations.You will surely be enchanted by the activities that one can have while being in Geneva.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Geneva:

You can enjoy hiking the great Saleve Mountain and enjoy some great views from the top or witness the stunning Jet d’eau Fountain and spend a romantic evening being there with your partner. Also, make sure to not miss out on the amazing boat ride to the famous Chillon Castle

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  1. Zermatt – A mesmerizing resort town on the mountains

Zermatt switzerland

If you want your honeymoon to be filled with some stunning views that are just to die for, then Zermatt is the place for you, it is a great place to enjoy some amazing views and romance amidst some really amazing landscapes. Though the accommodation is a little on the expensive side here but it is truly worth it. You must visit this place in winters to make the most of your trip.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Zermatt:

You can enjoy some amazing views of the Matterhorn during the sunrise or sunset or enjoy a great helicopter tour being here. This place is also great to experience the breathtaking churches and chapels or if you are an adventure lover, you can try hiking or skiing being here.

  1. Interlaken – Experience the best of mother nature

interlaken switzerland

This place is near the beautiful lake Thun and Lake Breinz and happens to be in Jungfrau Region, This is a great place to go for honeymooners and have a great time romancing in the beautiful nature. Enjoy some great romantic adventures being here with your partner.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Interlaken:

This place is a delight for adventure lovers as you can try Paragliding being here. Also you must try the train ride that will make you witness the mesmerising Schynige Platte.

  1. Lucerne – The amazing city with enchanting Medieval Architecture

lucerne switzerland

This place has some amazing vibes that you can experience.  You will fall in love with the vintage feel of this place. It is one of the best Switzerland honeymoon places. There is this amazing medieval architecture and fascinating fountains that one can experience being in Lucerne. It is one of the best places to enjoy a great honeymoon experience.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Lucerne:

Enjoy a romantic, leisure boat ride across the Lake Lucerne. Also make sure to witness the popular Mt. Rigi. Enjoy some great views from the top of the Jungfrau Glacier

  1. Ticino – the place with some tang of Italian

ticino switzerland

This place is filled with beauty that no words can ever do justice to, there are palm-lined lakes, mountains, and water sports that one can enjoy being here in Ticino. Also there are these amazing castles that you must visit in Bellinzona or enjoy being at the waterfront promenades in Lugano, you will find some of the most interesting views in this city. There is altogether a different vibe going on here.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Ticino:

Make sure to witness the enticing Verzasca Valley or try sitting on the top of Monte Bre in Lugano and confess your love to each other.

  1. Grindelwald – With some picturesque views

grindelwald switzerland

Switzerland surely has a charm that you cannot argue on. This place named Grindelwald is extraordinarily blessed with beauty. This village city has some really magnificent views that will surely take your heart away. It is a great place to escape all the noise and the hustle bustle and have some romantic moments with your partner in this romantic city. This place is among the best Switzerland honeymoon spots. The views here would make you feel like you are living in some beautiful wallpaper.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Grindelwald:

You can take a cable car ride and reach Grindelwald first and enjoy some great hiking experience being there. You can also try the exciting experience of downhill Trotti biking and zip lining. Also experience the fascinating views of the Swiss Alps

  1. St. Moritz – Experience luxury at its best

st. moritz switzerland

This place is what holiday dreams are made up of. You will have a fabulous experience being here with your partner and enjoying some beautiful views. This place is all that you need to have a leisure time with your partner, this is one hell of a fancy place providing you with  a lot of luxury and class. There are many great designer shops and great restaurants that you will find here.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in St. Moritz:

Have a great time satiating your taste buds through the amazing Engadine walnut tart and treat your sweet tooth. Also you can enjoy a ride on the Bernina Express or enjoy the experience of skiing at night

  1. Montreux – Elope in this wonderful Resort Town

montreux switzerland

This town is between the steep hills and lakeside, it is a traditional resort town which is built on Lake Geneva.  This place will give you the desired calmness and tranquility that you surely need during your honeymoon. It is one of the favourite places to visit in Switzerland for honeymoon.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Montreux:

Enjoy a great tour Tour to the Golden Pass Train and enjoy some great views that will surely enchant you. Also the couples can enjoy a great romantic walk across the promenade or through Lavaux vineyards.

  1. Lausanne – Fall in love with the exciting Nightlife

lausanne switzerland

Enjoy a wonderful honeymoon experience being at the wonderful city of Lausanne while you have the time of your life. This place is simply great to celebrate the new chapter of your married life together. This place is filled with nightclubs and cafes that you can go to and celebrate your love for each other being there It is one of the best cities that you can go to for some ultimate party experiences. Go, and let your hair down exploring the nightlife of Lausanne.

Best things that you simply cannot miss in Lausanne:

Make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing Cathedral Notre Dame which is the largest cathedral in Switzerland. Also fall in love with some great landscapes from the terrace of Lausanne Castle. You can also watch some great views of the sunset near the lake Ouchy.

Thus, these are the best places that you can visit while being in Switzerland and have a great time exploring these wonderful places that will surely take your heart away. Enjoy  a fascinating honeymoon in Europe and create some wonderful memories that will stay with you in the time to come.


By Lala