Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Values are your principles, ethics, and morals.  Values can also be advantages of some sort. The base in how you live is primarily the values that you carry on your shoulders, whether you know it or not.  Values not only increase the person you are in a positive way, it can do the exact opposite. Hawaiians were, and still remain, very strong in their values. Here are 10 Hawaiian values that we can all live by in order to better our living for ourselves and others.

1.) Kumu

Kumu is not just a teacher. It is a source.  Kumu is a way to retain more knowledge about something youʻre not familliar with.  Be a Kumu, a source. Whether itʻs for school, hula, or sports; they are the most impactful people in your life.

2.) Hoʻomau

Everyone goes through adversity some time in their life.  Hoʻomau is the value of perservering. The ability to have such determination, and to power through the many obstacles in life, exude the value of ho’omau.

3.) Hoʻoponopono

Good things come from people who do good things.  They understand the difference between good and bad, and display a good example for their peers, and younger generations.  Ho’oponopono is difficult at times to achieve, but the mark that it leaves not only on the world by within your, is positively worth it.

4.) Mana

Mana is translated to power. However, mana comes from within.  In my perspective, mana can only be achieve by thinking deep, and by doing things with a purpose.  What is your purpose fro doing what you’re doing?

5.) Hilinaʻi

Confidence is the hardest self-value that people find within themselves.  It is too often that we doubt ourselves when we perform whether it is in school, sports, or you job.  However, often times it’s not that we don’t have the ability to do it, it’s self doubt that holds us back. I mua me ka hilina’i- Go foward with confidence!

6.) Haʻahaʻa

Haʻahaʻa is to have humilty.  Trust me, you donʻt want to be known as an egomaniac person! Stay modest and respect one another for their efforts.

7.) Lōkahi

It is said that teamwork is the heart to great achievement.  Lōkahi is the act of working as one. When you have common ground with people, and work together, your capabilities outweighs your struggles by a far reach.  Work together! Be as one!

8.) Hoʻomanawanui

The best things come to those who wait.  Patience is another value that many people struggle with.  Being tentative and waiting for the perfect moments for things will help you.  Act with hoʻomanawanui!

9.) Hoʻāla

Hoʻāla is to evoke, to awaken!  Create a change in the world. If you donʻt see things being down to benefit your life or your surroundings, than be that change!  Ghandi would say, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

10.) Hoʻoulu

To elevate is a self-value that helps you raise that not only benefits your self being, but your surroundings.  You can also elevate the people around you by encouraging them to do their best and be their best version of themselves.