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Green fields and famous touristic town with high waterfall in background,Lauterbrunnen,Bernese Oberland,Switzerland,Europe

Switzerland has long been known for its breathtaking scenery, delicious cuisine, and the majestic splendor of the Alps. A small country compared to its neighboring countries, beautiful Switzerland has so much to offer every type of traveler. For those who are seeking an authentic Swiss experience, getting to know the locals and enjoying the awe-inspiring nature that the country is renowned for, try visiting the tiny Swiss mountain villages, nestled high in the mountains. We have compiled a list of the 10 most charming Swiss towns and alpine villages, so what are you waiting for? Head off the beaten path to these lesser known destinations – you’ll be glad you did!


Nestled high in the Alps overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley, this postcard-perfect town is the quintessential Swiss Alpine village. This tiny car-free village is only reachable by hiking or cable car. Gimmelwald simply feels like another world, a simpler, slower paced life, surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery in the world. The only bad thing about Gimmelwald is how difficult it will be to leave. 

Gimmelwald, Switzerland


Situated at the foot of the Jungfrau Mountain, this traditional car-free resort town boasts breathtaking views, warm locals, delicious food, and access to some of the country’s most magnificent nature. Hike through the green hills in the spring, admire the valley ablaze in the warm colors of autumn, or enjoy skiing and other sports in the winter. This picture-perfect town, one of Switzerland’s outstanding alpine villages, is an amazing holiday destination year-round.

Wengen, Switzerland


Located between two clear blue lakes, Interlaken is the perfect destination in the Swiss countryside for visitors on a relaxing vacation – or those seeking adventure. You can spend your time in Interlaken admiring the stunning scenery, the elegant architecture of the grand hotels, and taking leisurely walks through the village and around the lakes. With an Adventure Park, rafting, water sports, paragliding, and more, Interlaken is also a refuge for adrenaline junkies to enjoy extreme sports amidst the majestic Alps, blue lakes, and some of the most stunning nature in the world.

Interlaken, Switzerland


This picturesque village is nestled in a breathtaking lush valley, boasting 72 spectacular waterfalls! An outstanding destination in beautiful Switzerland, this must be what paradise looks like!

Spectacular principal street of Lauterbrunnen with shops,hotels,terraces,swiss flags and stunning Staubbach waterfall in background,Bernese Oberland,Switzerland,Europe


Known for its iconic medieval castle, breathtaking scenery, and picturesque vineyards, Spiez overlooks Lake Thun with views of the surrounding Alps. Hike through the hills, take a boat ride on the blue lake, and sample some of the freshest fish – you are sure to fall instantly in love with this outstanding Swiss mountain village.

Spiez castle on the lake Thun, Switzerland


Two neighboring towns, Crans and Montana, are often referred to together, and they form one of the largest and most popular resorts in the Valais Alps. From this sunny plateau, visitors can admire views of the surrounding mountains, including the iconic Mont Blanc. The area has several lakes for swimming, hiking trails, and an 18-hole golf course- all surrounded by incredible views in the fresh mountain air.

Crans-Montana, Switzerland


Popular among both skiing and hiking enthusiasts, Andermatt’s cable cars shuttle visitors up the mountain to awe-inspiring nature. Stroll through the charming town center of this Swiss mountain village, admiring the traditional architecture set against the backdrop of the Alps and enjoying the perfect tranquility of the clear mountain air.

Andermatt, Switzerland


Home to 10 thermal baths, world renowned spa facilities, all surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, Leukerbad is a peaceful refuge in a dramatic setting. Used since the Roman times, the thermal springs are believed to have healing powers. So follow in the footsteps of history and come take a soak, surrounded by breathtaking cliffs, soaking in the minerals as well as the views.

Leukerbad village, canton of Valais in Switzerland.


One of Switzerland’s oldest resort towns, Grindelwald has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century. Surrounded by famous mountains and glaciers, you truly need to see it to believe it. From the fresh, clear air to the towering cliffs and the sounds of chirping birds and cowbells, Grindelwald’s majesty cannot be captured in a photo -you need to experience this part of Switzerland’s countryside for yourself.

Grindelwald, Switzerland


Sitting at the foot of Schilthorn Mountain and made famous by James Bond movies, this sweet Swiss mountain village has retained its cozy small town charm. Murren is a great base for summer hikes and treks, with over 124 miles of trails beginning here. Get to know the region, learning about the history of mountaineering and the unique flora found here.

Murren, Switzerland – April 10, 2016 : Wood chalet in a car free mountain village ‘Murren’ with snow mountain and switzerland flag in background.
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