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Have you ever explored the vibrant spirit of Portugal? It’s not just in its delicious cuisine or stunning landscapes! When it comes to sports in Portugal, soccer reigns supreme. But what other sports captivate Portuguese hearts? Uncover the most popular sports in Portugal in our list.

Most Popular Sports in Portugal:

  1. Soccer
  2. Cycling
  3. Athletics
  4. Golf
  5. Water sports
  6. Motor Sports
  7. Bullfighting
  8. Futsal
  9. Rugby
  10. Martial arts

#1 Soccer

Most Popular Sports in Portugal
  •   (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Portugal: Late 1800s
  •   Most Famous Player from Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Players in Portugal: 1 Million

Soccer holds a special place in the hearts of the Portuguese people. This immensely popular sport garners nationwide attention, with passionate fans and talented players.

The Primeira Liga, also known as Liga Portugal is Portugal’s top soccer league, featuring the country’s best clubs competing for the title. Cristiano Ronaldo, a global icon and one of the greatest footballers in history, hails from Portugal. His success has inspired countless young players.

Portugal’s victory in the 2016 UEFA European Championship cemented their status as a soccer powerhouse. This memorable triumph will forever remain etched in the nation’s sports history.

#2 Cycling

  •   (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Portugal: Late 1800s
  •   Most Famous Cyclist from Portugal: Joaquim Agostinho (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Cycling Enthusiasts in Portugal: 400,000

Cycling is a widespread sport in Portugal, both as a competitive endeavor and a leisurely activity. The nation’s diverse landscape and pleasant weather make it an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts.

The Volta a Portugal, the premier cycling race in the country, showcases the best riders as they navigate challenging routes. Joaquim Agostinho, an iconic cyclist, is a national treasure, widely celebrated for his achievements.

Watching the Volta a Portugal, either in person or on television, is a favorite pastime for many cycling fans in Portugal. The sport’s popularity is only expected to grow in the years to come.

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#3 Athletics

Trail Running
  •   (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Portugal: Early 1900s
  •   Most Famous Athlete from Portugal: Rosa Mota (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Athletics Enthusiasts in Portugal: 1 Million

Athletics has been an integral part of Portugal’s sporting culture for many years, with numerous accomplishments and world records achieved over the decades.

Rosa Mota, a marathon legend with an Olympic gold medal and numerous other titles, is one of Portugal’s most revered and influential athletes.

Major athletic events like the Lisbon Marathon and Porto Half Marathon attract both domestic and international participants, further solidifying Portugal’s position in the global athletics community. The country’s dedication to the sport ensures a continued legacy of success and passion for athletics.

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#4 Golf

  •   (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Portugal: Early 1900s
  •   Most Famous Golfer from Portugal: Ricardo Santos (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Golfers in Portugal: 100,000

Golf enjoys a prominent status in Portugal, with a growing number of exceptional courses and talented players drawing international attention.

The Portugal Masters, part of the prestigious European Tour, showcases top golfers from around the world competing on Portuguese soil. Ricardo Santos, a noteworthy golfer, has made a significant impact on the golf scene in Portugal.

With its stunning courses and beautiful weather, it’s no wonder golf is increasingly popular among tourists and locals alike. Golf in Portugal is a captivating blend of competition and leisure, attracting players of all skill levels.

#5 Water sports

  •   (Estimated) Year of Popularity Surge in Portugal: 1980s
  •   Most Famous Surfer from Portugal: Frederico Morais (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Water Sports Enthusiasts in Portugal: 500,000

Water sports are incredibly popular in Portugal, thanks to its vast coastline and favorable weather conditions. Surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing are among the most practiced disciplines.

Portugal hosts several international water sports events, with the World Surf League’s Championship Tour being a prime example. Frederico Morais, a talented surfer, has brought international recognition to Portuguese surfing.

The nation’s beautiful beaches and strong waves serve as the perfect backdrop for water sports enthusiasts. Portugal’s passion for water sports continues to grow, solidifying its prominence in this adrenaline-fueled domain.

#6 Motor Sports

  •   (Estimated) Year of Popularity Surge in Portugal: 1990s
  •   Most Famous Driver from Portugal: Tiago Monteiro (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Motor Sports Enthusiasts in Portugal: 150,000

Motor sports have a dedicated following in Portugal. The thrilling speed and technical precision required in competitions make these events captivating for fans and participants alike.

The FIA World Rally Championship’s Rally de Portugal is a popular event in the country, attracting top international drivers and legions of fans. Tiago Monteiro, a respected driver specializing in touring car racing, has elevated Portugal’s status in the field.

With various racing tracks and a passion for speed, motor sports continue to accelerate in popularity throughout the nation.

#7 Bullfighting

  •   (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Portugal: 1700s
  •   Most Famous Bullfighter from Portugal: Vitor Mendes (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Bullfighting Enthusiasts in Portugal: 300,000

Bullfighting is a traditional and culturally significant sport in Portugal, with roots tracing back centuries. Portuguese bullfighting differs from its Spanish counterpart, focusing on displays of skill rather than the death of the bull.

Vitor Mendes, an accomplished bullfighter, remains a revered figure in the sport. The season typically runs from April to October, with bullfighting events taking place across numerous towns and cities.

While opinions on bullfighting vary, its cultural and historical significance in Portugal is undeniable, with many still considering it a cherished tradition.

#8 Futsal

  •   (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Portugal: 1980s
  •   Most Famous Player from Portugal: Ricardinho (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Players in Portugal: 50,000

Futsal, a variant of soccer played indoors, has gained immense popularity in Portugal in recent years. The fast-paced nature and technical skills required make it an exciting and entertaining spectacle.

The Campeonato Nacional de Futsal is Portugal’s top-tier futsal league, showcasing talented players in intense matches. Ricardinho, an acclaimed futsal player, has gained international recognition for his skills and goal-scoring prowess.

Portugal’s 2018 UEFA Futsal Euro championship win serves as a testament to the nation’s futsal success. The sport continues to grow in popularity, further establishing itself within the Portuguese sports landscape.

#9 Rugby

  •   (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Portugal: Early 1900s
  •   Most Famous Player from Portugal: Gonçalo Uva (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Players in Portugal: 10,000

Rugby is a growing sport in Portugal, attracting an increasing number of fans and supporters. Its rough nature and physical demands make it an engaging and intense experience.

The Campeonato Nacional de Rugby is the leading rugby league in Portugal, where clubs from across the country compete for the title. Gonçalo Uva, a respected player in the rugby scene, has played a significant role in raising awareness for the sport.

Though rugby may not be as widespread as soccer, the sport continues to make strides in Portugal, with a solid foundation of dedicated fans and players.

#10 Martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts
  •   (Estimated) Year of Introduction in Portugal: Various decades
  •   Most Famous Martial Artist from Portugal: Pedro Rizzo (Portuguese)
  •  Estimated Number of Martial Arts Enthusiasts in Portugal: 75,000

Martial arts have a strong following and presence in Portugal, with various disciplines like judo, karate, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practiced by a wide range of enthusiasts.

Competitions and training centers continue to spread throughout the country, fostering discipline, self-defense, and physical fitness. Pedro Rizzo, a notable mixed martial artist, has brought recognition to Portugal’s martial arts scene.

The many martial arts organizations and clubs across Portugal serve to promote and nurture the sport, effectively establishing martial arts as an essential part of the country’s sporting landscape.


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