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The Republic of Austria is a central European country, sharing its borders with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. The country is known for its mighty mountains, long rivers, old buildings, and culture. If you are someone who loves to travel, the rivers in Austria should feature on your travel bucket list.

Rivers In Austria

Below is a list of 10 rivers in Austria that you must head to on your trip to Europe for a fabulous time in the lap of nature surrounded by flora and fauna:

1. Danube River

Danube River

The river originates in Germany flowing through Austria to Slovakia and several other countries. It is the second largest river in Europe, following Volga. Danube River is also said to be the backbone of Austrian economy with its multi-purpose uses in all fields. It also happens to be one of the longest rivers in Austria. In Austria, the river flows through the cities of Libz, Krems, Vienna, and Ybbs. Danube is home to several rare aquatic plants and animals.

Location: Vienna, Linz, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Budapest, Zemun, Regensburg, Gyor, Vukovar, Pancevo, Ulm, Bratislava, etc.

2. Mur River

River Mur with the artificial floating platform Mur island (Murinsel) in the middle and old buildings on the river bank. Graz, Austria. Stock Photo by ©Balakate 126918214

One of the famous rivers in Austria is Mur River. The river flows in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, and Croatia. The river has a very long history with industries and mining. It has a very strong current due to which the water has been used frequently to power the mills near the river. Apart from this, the river is believed to carry small amounts of Gold. A lot of times locals gather and hunt for the Gold. You can also see bigger agencies coming down to collect Gold.

Location: Graz

3. Thaya River

Thaya River

This river is one of the major rivers in Austria. It flows between Lower Austria and Czech Republic. In Austria, the river has the most scenic river banks as compared to the other beautiful rivers in Austria. It passes along all the castles and chateaus. However, in Czech Republic the river has several dams constructed all across for various purposes like food, energy, etc. If you are in Austria and would like to have a quick tour of the major castles, you can sail on Thaya River.

Location: Raabs an der Thaya, Dyje, Hardegg

4. Morava River

Morava (river) - Wikipedia

Morava River is a major tributary of River Danube. The river flows between Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland. The river is the main source of water for the agricultural settlements in Austria. For over 30,000 years, the river has been feeding the farms near it. One thing which makes Morava River different from others is the black water. It is the only black water river in all of Europe. The river usually has very normal water current and the river bed is also shallow.

Location: Krupa, Thaya

5. Inn River

Kufstein Inn River - Free photo on Pixabay

Inn River flows through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is the only river on this part of Europe whose water ends up in Black Sea. The river has been of importance since ages and has been mentioned in various Greek and Roman literary sources. Inn is also one of the tributaries of River Danube. The river is mainly used by the local for their day to day jobs. It however, has one of the best river banks. Most of them are rocky beaches. The river is some parts have shallow water too.

Location: Landeck, Innsbruck, Braunau am Inn

6. Wien River

Wien (river) - Wikipedia

Wien is a river in Vienna, Austria and has been one of the major attractions of the city. It also flows through the city of Wienerwald. It is also a tributary of Danube River in Urania. In the city, the river has been properly banked with concrete to avoid any flood situation. The River Gate was constructed in the year 1906 and has been open to public since. Earlier, cycling and walking along the river was allowed but is now banned.

Location: Vienna, Wienerwald, Urania

7. Enns River

Enns river

Enns River flows through the Austrian mountains in Europe . It is also a tributary of River Danube and meets Danube in Mauthausen. There are several towns along the river and it indeed is quite beautiful. This river flows mostly through the countryside, making it the perfect location for picnics and vacations. It also has a very significant role in keeping the Austrian economy up and running. Several hydro power projects are dependent on this river.

Location: Radstadt, Enns, Liezen, Ternberg, Garsten, Steyr, Admont

8. Salzach

HD wallpaper: Salzach River Salzburg, austria | Wallpaper Flare

Another river which flows through the mountain ranges in Austria is Salzach. The river flows through Austria and ends in Germany. It is also the main river in the Salzburg region of Austria. The river also joins Inn River in the town of Haiming between Braunau and Burghausen. The river is known for its clear waters, fast current and the chilled temperatures. It does not have a lot of aquatic animals or plants.

Location: Salzburg

9. Gurk River

Gurk (river) - Wikipedia

If you picked up an Austria rivers map, you would easily spot this one. Gurk is the longest running river in the Carinthia region. The river originates from the Nock mountains and has the coldest water. The water is so cold that there are no aquatic plants on the river bed. It also does not have any aquatic animals in the upper and middle regions. So, don’t miss out on this one while you’re out and about in this soothing land!

Location: Klagenfurt, Gurk, Straßburg, Gnesau

10. Kamp River

Kamp (river) - Wikipedia

It is one of the longest rivers in all of Austria and a major tributary to Danube. It originates in the town of Liebenau and flows till Grafenwerth in Krems. The river is known to be a good spot for fishing and boating. On a good, sunny day you can easily camp on the banks of the river. You can go fishing, boating or just relax. The river banks in most of the places have scenic views.

Location: Liebenau, Grafenwerth, Rappottenstein, Gars am Kamp


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