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While some people travel for history, and others for adventure there are some who travel for food and these are the most interesting kind of travellers. Indulging in local cuisines while visiting a new city or country is one of the best ways to get to know more about it, and Vienna is no exception.

Austria was once the capital of the Habsburg Empire, that covered everything from France to Russia. Hence, Austria adopted specialties from all around the world and made them their own. From schnitzel to mouth-watering cakes, sausages and hearty stews, we will explore some of the most favourite Austrian delights you must try during your food tour in Vienna.

Here are the top 10 traditional Austrian food to try in Vienna.


  1. Wiener Schnitzel (Viennese Cutlet)

You may be thinking, you’ve had schnitzel before, but put that thought out of your mind straightaway. Reason being, if you haven’t had it in Vienna, you haven’t really had it.

Wiener Schnitzel is one of Austria’s national dishes and was traditionally made using veal. However, today the Schnitzel is made using chicken, pork, and even turkey meat.  In Vienna – it’s generally made from a thin cutlet of veal that’s breaded and then pan-fried in butter or oil, and is served in almost every restaurant in Vienna. It’s typically garnished with fresh parsley and lemon, and is often served with a simple salad with vinaigrette, Austrian potato salad, steamed potatoes or French fries.

You can also pair it with a cold Austrian lager or glass of local Gruner Veltliner white wine. It’s simple, yet delicious, a huge crowd-puller, and even kids love it.


  1. Gulasch (Austrian Goulash)

Many places in Europe claim Goulash as their own, but whether it was invented in Vienna or not, the fact remains that it’s a classic and a not-to-miss dish. It’s a hearty beef stew seasoned with tomatoes, onion, and paprika, and often includes dumplings.

Goulash comes in many variants as soups and one of the most popular Austrian dishes also found in homes across Austria is the potato Goulash. It’s made up of vegetables like potatoes, onions, bell pepper and sausages, and is seasoned with hot paprika.

This traditional Austrian food finds its place in the breakfast menu in most of the restaurants. Don’t miss out on this dish during your food tour in Vienna.


  1. Martinigans (Roasted Goose)

This is a very special traditional Austrian food and is available in restaurants for a few weeks in October and November. The savoury dish consists of roast goose stuffed with chestnuts and dried plums served with red cabbage and potato dumplings.

Relishing this rich and flavourful dish is a very old tradition in Austria and a way of remembering Saint Martin – the Bishop of Tours. There is a funny tale that goes – St. Martin was meant to become a bishop but did not want to take up the responsibilities. So, one day he decided to escape from his duties by hiding in a stable filled with geese. But once there, the geese made a loud noise, thus giving away his hiding place. Annoyed and forced to be a bishop, St. Martin sought revenge and ordered all the geese in the stable to be cooked and eaten that same night.

Typically, this dish is served alongside potatoes, red cabbage, and Knodel dumplings. And is available in most traditional restaurants across Vienna.


  1. Spargel (Spring Asparagus)

When visiting Austria, you must try this local delight and especially Vienna offers some of the world’s most delicious green and white asparagus.

Every year by April, many local restaurants in Vienna begin serving seasonal specials with Spargel. It’s served in a variety of ways – sometimes, it’s served with a bit of butter and lemon and doused in breadcrumbs; other times it’s wrapped in prosciutto and slathered with hollandaise sauce or it’s made into deliciously fresh soups. It can be accompanied with a parsley potato and a glass of crisp, equally fresh Gruner Veltliner wine.

Regardless of how it’s made and served, it’s one of the most famous traditional Austrian food served in Austria during warmer months. And just about every local restaurant that specializes in Viennese cuisine will have Spargel on their menu.


  1. Erdäpfelsalat (Austrian-style Potato Salad)

Potatoes have always been a huge part of the Austrian diet, and no cuisine is more authentic than this yummy potato salad. Like American potato salads, this one doesn’t contain any mayonnaise and in comparison, is a fresh and healthy salad.

It’s prepared using white wine vinegar, red onions, a bit of mustard, chives, and a dash of salt and pepper.  Some dishes also include a few pieces of beef or chicken, so if you happen to be a vegetarian or vegan make sure you go for a salad without any meat products.

This delicious salad can be paired with almost anything – sausages, schnitzel, fresh asparagus, or other seasonal vegetables. This dish is generally enjoyed cold, but during winter many restaurants in Vienna serve it warm.


  1. Tafelspitz (Beef boiled in broth with vegetables)

Tafelspitz is another local specialty for meat lovers, it’s typically an Austrian dish in which meat is boiled in broth and typically served alongside a mix of horseradish and minced apples. During preparation, the meat is also cooked with various root vegetables and spices to bring out the flavour.

Tafelspitz is named after the firm white fat of the Ox. In England, the same cut is called the Topside. This local dish has been cooked in Vincennes homes throughout history and is still very popular. In fact, this dish was one of the favourites of Franz Joseph I, an Austrian emperor.

This dish can be accompanied with a good Austrian white or spicy red wine. It is available in budget and luxury restaurants alike and is a great alternative for those wishing to taste one of Vienna’s national dishes.


  1. Wiener Würstel (Viennese Sausages)

Würstel is a Viennese sausage made from pork and beef, encased in a sheep’s intestine, and smoked before serving. It’s a popular dish in Vienna and plays a huge part in the everyday life of many people.

These sausages are available in various sizes and each one of them offers a great flavour when paired with just some bread, ketchup, mustard, horseradish, pepperoni and other sides.

Be it summer or winter, this street food makes an excellent quick snack or simple meal (lest you’re a vegetarian or vegan). These sausages can be perfectly paired with a cold beer, and should definitely be on your Austrian food bucket list.


  1. Käsespätzle (Austrian Style Mac and Cheese)

If you’re holidaying up in the mountains of Austria and craving a cheesy bowl of macaroni and cheese, then you must try the famous Austrian food – Käsespätzle.

Originally this specialty dish is from the Swabian region in Germany, however in Austria they have their own variation and is served as a side or a main dish and often enjoyed in the country’s alpine huts.

The spaetzle is basically a soft egg noodle found in different shapes and varieties and looks like little nuggets. It comes with a generous helping of cheese and goes well with some fine wine and champagne. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll surely come back for more, so don’t miss out on this cheesy traditional Austrian food during your trip.


  1. Sachertorte (Chocolate Cake)

This chocolate cake is a proud symbol of Austria and was invented in 1832, by Franz Sacher. He worked as an apprentice cook at the tender age of 16, and after the head chef got ill, Sacher was assigned the task to bake special desserts for Prince Klemens von Metternich, and his guests.

The famed desert consists of a dense, chocolate sponge cake with thin layers of apricot jam in the middle and coated in dark chocolate icing. Traditionally the cake is served with a twirl of whipped cream and a dark chocolate medallion on top.

Today, you can find this chocolate cake almost everywhere in Vienna and will simply love it. In fact, it’s so famous that December 5th is celebrated as the National Sachertorte Day.


  1. Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of traditional Austrian food is the iconic – Apfelstrudel.

For centuries it has been the most famous dessert in Austria. So, what is a strudel? It’s a layered pastry, made with light, crisp pastry dough that’s stretched and thinned, filled with apples, raisins, sugar, rum, lemon, cinnamon, and cloves. It’s often garnished with breadcrumbs mixed with nuts and dusted with powdered sugar.

Today, this famous delicacy is sold in cafes, bakeries and restaurants around Vienna. Strudels can be accompanied with Viennese coffee or black tea and can also be found filled with other varieties of fruits, including berries and apricots.

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Finally, these are some of the top Austrian cuisines you must try before leaving Vienna, as they will make your trip more special than ever.  Trying out the local dishes will surely make your trip to Vienna worthwhile and a very pleasurable experience.

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