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Looking to venture out to the beautiful Dutch countryside? There are plenty of charming villages in the Netherlands that are quiet, magical, and historical.

Many Dutch villages offer an excellent opportunity to understand the fascinating history and culture of the Netherlands.

These villages boast traditional buildings, cobbled streets, colorful tulip fields, and lively markets; hence, they are an absolute delight to discover.

Add these villages to your Netherlands itinerary or weekend getaway to enjoy some of the prettiest places in the country.

Below is the list of the 21 most beautiful Dutch villages that you HAVE to visit.

Here are our favorite Dutch villages in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Giethoorn

Farmhouse in Giethoorn, Netherlands
Farmhouse in Giethoorn, Netherlands – rob3rt82 / Shutterstock.com

Giethoorn is amongst the most adorable villages in the Netherlands. Located in the province of Overijssel, this village is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the Netherlands.’

As one of the most beautiful places in the country, Giethoorn is a no-road village, and its center can only be traveled on foot, by bike, or via a boat ride in the canal.

You can stroll and bike around the village using interconnected wooden bridges.

While boating in the canals of Giethoorn, you can stop your boat near any of the canal-front cafes and restaurants for a drink or some Dutch food.

If you have more time in hand, visit the De Weerribben-Wieden National Park, located 3 miles away from the village.

2. Marken

Marken is one of the cutest Dutch villages to visit
Marken is one of the cutest Dutch villages to visit

Marken is a picture-perfect village located in the province of North Holland, about 11 miles from Amsterdam.

The village was separated from the mainland in the 13th century by a storm.

However, a dike was built in the 1950s to reconnect Marken with the mainland. The village is known for its characteristic wooden houses built on stilts.

The entire village can be explored on foot or by bike, and the main attractions to stop by are the Paard van Marken Lighthouse and Marken Museum.

Also, do not miss out on watching a live demonstration on how Dutch clogs were made at the old wooden shoe factory.

3. Bourtange

Bourtange is one of the charming Dutch villages not to miss

Bourtange is one of the most popular villages in the Netherlands. This star-shaped village was once a fort but is presently an open-air museum accessible to tourists.

It is located near the German border in the east of the province of Groningen.

While walking across the cobbled streets of Bourtange, you will find several pretty houses around its iconic central square.

You can also visit the Bourtange church, the Bourtange windmill, and a former synagogue which is now a museum.

4. Broek in Waterland

Broek in Waterland is one of the cutest villages in the Netherlands

Located in the province of North Holland, Broek in Waterland is one of the most visited Dutch villages in the Netherlands. It is also known to be amongst the cleanest villages in Holland.

Broek in Waterland reminds us of Giethoorn in a way, as it is surrounded by countless rivers, creeks, and canals.

So to get a unique point of view from the lovely houses, rent a canoe or a whisper boat and sail the many waterways of this lovely village in Holland.

We guarantee you’ll love the pastel-colored wooden houses.

Still, the best way to get around this Dutch village is on foot. You will find over 80 monuments dating back to the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries spread throughout its streets.

Also, visit the Sint Nicolaas Church and The Famous House for its 17th-century wall paintings.

5. Spakenburg

Spakenburg is one of the cute Dutch villages
Jan van der Wolf / Shutterstock.com

Spakenburg is a charming village located south of Ijsselmeer in the Dutch province of Utrecht.

It is one of those villages in the Netherlands famous for women wearing a kraplap, a traditional local garment. However, you’ll most likely only see them wearing that in tourist sites or during local festivals.

Beyond that, you must visit the Grebbelinie That, a pre-defense line of the Dutch water line system built to protect the country from floods and enemies.

Do not miss visiting the Spakenburg Harbour Museum, where you can have a glimpse of Netherland’s oldest shipyard and the world’s biggest fleet of botters – the wooden flat bottomed fishing boat.

6. Schin op Geul

Schin op Geul is one of the beautiful Dutch villages to visit
Dafinchi / Shutterstock.com

Located 2 miles away from Valkenburg, Schin op Geul is one of the charming Dutch villages set in the province of Limburg.

In the village, you can enjoy walking amidst the rolling hills and forests of South Limburg.

Visit the nearby attractions like the Valkenburg Castle (a beautiful Dutch castle) with its beautiful interiors, secret underground passages at the Velvet Caves, botanical gardens at the Kasteeltuin Oud-Valkenburg, and the modern gallery Kasteel Wijlre.

7. Hollum

Hollum is one of the charming villages in the Netherlands
Nancy Beijersbergen / Shutterstock.com

Hollum is the largest village on Ameland, one of the Wadden Islands in the Netherlands. The village is located on the westernmost part of this Frisian Island.

In Hollum, you can visit the 12th century Reformed Church and a lighthouse that dates back to 1880.

Other attractions that you must visit are the two museums – Abraham Fock Rescue Museum and Sorgdrager Museum, and 1840 built De Verwachting smock mill, which is still in working condition.

After all the sightseeing, relax at the beaches of Ameland, where you can also kayak or surf.

8. Acquoy

Acquoy is one of the Dutch villages not to miss

A part of West Betuwe, Acquoy is a village located in the province of Gelderland. The village lies on the banks of the Linge River.

When in Acquoy, you must visit Fort Asperen that dates from the 1800s and formed a part of the defense structure. Several exhibitions are held there today.

Another place in this village that kids might enjoy is the GeoFort, an interactive science center for kids to learn through fun exhibits.

Beyond that, Acquoy is a beautiful place in the Netherlands for anyone looking for both art and history off the beaten track.

9. Hoog Soeren

Hoog Soeren is one of the beautiful Dutch villages to visit
INTREEGUE Photography / Shutterstock.com

Located in the province of Gelderland, Hoog Soeren is a Dutch village surrounded by the Veluwe National Park and enclosed by the woods of the Koninklijke Houtvesterij Het Loo nature reserve.

It goes without saying it’s an incredible place for wildlife lovers.

You can spot deer and wild boars in the extensive forest and the moorland.

Also, this is one of the few villages in the Netherlands where you can have such easy access to one of the most significant natural areas in the country.

Further out, you’ll want to visit the springs in the vicinity of Hoog Soeren that were once used to supply the fountain of Paleis Het Loo with water.

10. Linschoten

Linschoten is one of the cute Dutch villages

Linschoten is a picturesque village located in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Just so you can have an idea of its beauty, Linschoten is declared one of the 50 most beautiful villages in the Netherlands by the Royal Dutch Touring Club.

The main attractions in this small village include the 13th-century church named Grote of Sint Janskerk and the Estate Linschoten, the largest estate in the Randstad that houses farms, grasslands, and forests.

Other noteworthy places to see near Linschoten are the Roman Catholic church Sint- Bonaventurakerk and the De Windhond windmill.

11. Gulpen

Gulpen is one of the beautiful villages in the Netherlands

Gulpen is one of the most-visited villages in the Netherlands among Dutch tourists. Besides, it is a popular summer destination where many events and festivals are organized.

The village derives its name from the River Gulp that runs from the center of the town.

The notable attractions in the village include the St. Petrus Church that dates from 1924, and the Old Church Tower.

Further out, you must also explore the Neuborg Castle, which will give you ample photo opportunities. The village also houses Gulpener Brewery, where beer is produced in an ecologically friendly way.

12. Epen

Epen is one of the charming Dutch villages not to miss
Wut_Moppie / Shutterstock.com

Set amidst the beautiful landscape of Limburg, Epen is among the best places to visit in the Netherlands for nature lovers.

The village features gorgeous timber-framed houses and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

Beyond that, this Dutch village is home to the incredible Sint Paulus Bekering Church, the Epen Molen watermill, and the Volmolen watermill along the River Geul.

Since the Belgian border is within walking distance, you can also go for some lovely cross-border hikes to the Belgian villages.

13. Amerongen

Amerongen is one of the charming villages in the Netherlands not to miss
Amerongen is one of the charming villages in the Netherlands not to miss

The village of Amerongen is located in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Among the top places to visit in this Dutch village, Amerongen Castle is an incredible sight.

The castle used to be home to the last emperor of Germany but is converted into a museum now. It is known for its unique architecture and the beautiful garden in the front.

Also, make sure to visit the St. Andrew’s Church and the Mill Mallust, the only belt mill in the province of Utrecht.

If you love hiking, climb the well-marked trail to the highest point in Utrecht province – Amerongse Bos.

Wrapping Up on Dutch Villages

Whether you’re coming to the Netherlands on vacation or you’re a resident traveling the country, make sure to escape the busy Dutch cities and venture out into the countryside.

There are a plethora of mesmerizing Dutch towns and villages spread across the country. You just have to pick one and go!

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this article. But before you go, let us know in the comments which of these places above is your favorite Dutch village.

Also, if you know any worth-visiting Dutch village that we have missed out on in this list, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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