Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

In 1811 during the French occupation of the Netherlands, the Dutch were forced to register their names for taxation purposes.  To annoy the French and give their friends a laugh, many locals registered false names.  These weird and wonderful names are a tribute to the defiant Dutch forefathers, and a constant source of amusement for everyone else.

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Gekkehuis:  madhouse

Hoogenboezem:  high bosom

Paardebek:  horse’s mouth

De Keizer:  the emperor (mocking Napolean)

Rotmensen: rotten people

Poepjes:  faeces or farts

Piest:   (he/she) pees

Naaktgeboren:  Born naked

Zeldenthuis:  Hardly at home

Scheefnek:  Crooked Neck

Suikerbuik:  Sugar belly

Zeepvat:  soap barrel

Klootwijk:  village of balls

Uittenbroek:  out of his pants

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