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Sandwiches for lunch and congratulating everyone when it’s someone’s birthday: Dutchies do the weirdest things.

The down-to-earth Dutch people are quite greedy when it comes to kissing.

In most other countries they just do two kisses, with us three is completely normal. To make it even more confusing, in recent years more and more Dutch people have switched to a single kiss for people they know longer and better.


When they’ve given birth, the whole neighborhood should know that!

They don’t have it reported in the News yet, but most fresh parents in our country put an inflatable stork in the garden or hang a ‘hurrah, it’s a boy / girl’ garland in front of the living room window. It could be worse, then you place a sign in front of your house in which you also share the sex position in which the beeb was conceived.

When it’s someone’s birthday, almost the whole world is congratulated on it.

If you arrive at a circle birthday, it is not the intention that you only wish the birthday boy all the luck. You just have to visit everyone present to congratulate everyone with Jantje or Pietje.


At noon they eat a pile of sandwiches.

Fine, such a panini or meal salad at its time, but there is little like a brown sandwich with cheese! Or a white one with butter and hagelslag. Or one with peanut butter. See? Variety enough!


They are sweet people who always have a warm word for others.

“Enjoy Sport” “Have a good day at Work.” ‘Good luck.’ No matter what the situation is, in Dutch we have a suitable motivational text for every situation.

In addition to the fact that we are cordial, They also find a lot ‘lekker’ nice/good/tasty/nice . They use the word for almost everything.

<span>Whether it’s a derrière, a sandwich or a bike ride: it’s all just super ‘lekker’!

But when it comes to new purchases, the Dutch are modest.

Give some Dutch person a compliment on their new outfit. Chances are you’ll get back “that it was seventy percent on offer or at least hugely discounted, OMG.”

With all that cycling, They also keep their heads cool.

<span>No matter what weather and wind, they climb on the steel steed every day. Sometimes with two children, the dog and groceries for the whole week. They just can.

Although the weather in the Netherlands is not very exciting anyway, they talk a lot about it.

Buienradar (rainradar) is one of the most popular websites for a reason! Only a small wind has to blow up a leave, or a weather alarm is set. They also love records. Jeez, it’s the warmest March 11 since March 11 last year: call the newspaper!

Fries are a great reason to go to war.

For example, about whether they say ‘patat’ or ‘friet’ (patat of course: act normal!). But whatever name you use, Dutch people love the fried potato sticks and have a variety of sauces at their disposal to make things completely festive.

Patat oorlog (War fries)
Patat oorlog (War fries)

By Lala