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Opening of the world's longest pedestrian suspended bridge (494m) on the Europaweg in Randa, Switzerland, Saturday July 29, 2017. (PHOTOVF/Valentin Flauraud)
The best suspension bridges in Switzerland, those with the prettiest views, the most bounce, and the most interesting hikes.

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With all the mountains and valleys in Switzerland, suspension bridges have been vital in connecting villages for commerce and community since olden times. Now many suspension bridges are hiking and tourist destinations. Here is our favorite suspension bridges we recommend hiking over, including a couple that are still on our to-do list. Which will you visit first?

Central Switzerland

1. Titlis Skywalk

Ride a cable car up to a tourist visitor center at 3032m on the glacier, with an ice cave and summer sledding and skiing. Walk across the glacier snow to cross this bridge suspended above the mountains below, possible year round. Make sure to take a pic at the selfie station.

Bridge: 100m long, 100m high, 100cm wide
Hike: short walk on snow from cable car station
Region: Engelberg, Central Switzerland

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2. Sattel-Hochstuckli

This bouncy suspension bridge is just one of the many amusements at this mountain resort, including an alpine slide, summer tubing, trampolines and bouncy castles. Optional short & easy hike over the bridge, looping around the hills back to your starting point.

Bridge: 100m long, 100m high, 80cm wide
Hike: 1.5 km loop over bridge • 30 mins ↑ 50m ↓ 50m • easy
Region: Central Switzerland

See Sattel-Hochstuckli post for more details

3. Zugerland sensory trail

This bridge probably isn’t on anyone’s list but I include it because it’s part of a fun theme trail for kids near Zurich. It’s a child’s sized bridge, super bouncy and short enough that little kids can run back and forth or do loops, which is my son did for a good 10 mins. Simple pleasures.

Bridge: no stats, guessing about 20m long, 5m high, 90cm wide
Hike: 4km • 1.5 hr with kids ↑ 80 m ↓ 80 m • easy
Region: Eastern Switzerland

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Bernese Oberland

4. Trift Glacier

It’s a tough but short climb to reach the cliffs overlooking the Trift glacier and lake, maybe the scariest of the bunch. Cross the bridge for a thrill and have picnic on the other side. Stay overnight at the nearby hut to see it at sunrise and sunset.

Bridge: 100m long, 100m high, 80cm wide
Hike: 4 km round trip from gondola • 1.5 hrs ↑ 410m ↓ 410m • moderate
Region: Bernese Oberland

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5. Glacier 3000 Peak Walk

This suspension bridge spans between two mountain peaks, apparently a unique setup and a thrilling experience. After riding two cable cars, just a few stairs up to this narrow bridge connecting two mountain peaks, a thrilling experience with panorama of the region and the huge glacier. Then go ride the alpine coaster and sled in the summer snow.

Bridge: 107m long, 30m high, 80cm wide
Hike: just a few stairs to climb from the cable car station, optional hike later on the glacier ice
Region: Les Diablerets, Vaud

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6. Handeggfall Bridge

This bridge may not be anywhere near the longest, but it’s still one of our favorites, a fun appetizer while we wait to ride up the steepest open-air funicular in Europe to hike around the gorgeous Gelmersee. It’s a bouncy bridge with wooden planks hanging over a river gorge with waterfalls, a fun way to enjoy the view.

Bridge: 70m long, 70m high, 65cm wide
Hike: short walk from parking to reach the bridge
Region: Bernese Oberland

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7. Sigriswil Panorama Bridge

You can drive and park right next to the bridge and enjoy the view right away. Optionally loop back through the gorge below the bridge.

Bridge: 340m long, 182m high, 120cm wide
Hike: optional 1.5 km hike, 105m up/down
Region: Bernese Oberland

Details about the Sigriswil hike from Our Swiss Experience

photo by Hana from Our Swiss Experience

Valais (southern Switzerland)

8. Zermatt Furi Gorner Gorge

Many paths lead to this bouncy bridge across the gorge cut by the Gorner glacier. The easiest way to get there is a 3km loop starting at the Furi cable car station. The prettiest hike is starting and Riffelberg and hiking down the mountain, through the glacier garden valley and passing over the bridge before finishing the hike at Furi. I don’t normally get scared crossing bridges but this one made me super nervous, perhaps because it’s one of the highest bridges and 140m above the river.

Bridge: 100m long, 90m high, 65cm wide
Hike: 3 km • 1 hr ↑ 140 m ↓ 140 m • challenging
Region: Zermatt, Valais, southern Switzerland

See trail map for the easy hike from Furi. See post describing the longer hike from Riffelberg.

9. Kreuzboden Wellness Path

This little bridge has one of the best views and makes it look like you did something quite dangerous to reach it. But actually it’s just a good camera angle from below. It’s a small bridge on a fun “wellness” theme trail for children right next to a fantastic alpine playground in the Saastal mountains. It’s easy to reach with a gondola and a short walk, great choice with small children.

Bridge: no stats available, about 25m long
Hike: 1km, easy
Region: Valais

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10. Aletsch Panorama

Gorgeous views of the Aletsch glacier as you hike down to cross the long suspension bridge across the gorge cut by the river flowing from the glacier ice. One of the prettiest fall hikes with bright yellow larch trees.

Bridge: 124m long, 80m high, 100cm wide
Hike: 11 km • 4.5 h • ↑ 560 m ↓ 750 m • challenging
Region: Valais, southern Switzerland

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11. Saas-Almagell Erlebnisweg

The last section of this panorama mountain hike is an “adventure” path with two super wobbly suspension bridges, narrow wooden walkways, and steep ladders rungs on the cliffs. Only one person at a time on these wobbly bridges with wooden planks. Enter at your own risk!

Bridge 1: 59m long, 19m high, 45cm wide
Bridge 2: 47m long, 15m high, 45cm wide
Hike: 4.5 h • 9.5 km ↑ 160 m ↓ 660 m • moderate
Region: Valais, southern Switzerland

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12. Europaweg Skywalk

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world is still on our to-do list, mostly because it’s a tough hike straight up the mountain through a forest to reach this bridge. So I’m kinda waiting until I’m ready to tackle the 2 day Europaweg trek to Zermatt that passes over the bridge on its way.

Bridge: 494m bridge, 85m high, 65cm wide
Hike: 8.6 km • 4 hrs ↑ 988 m ↓ 988 m • challenging
Region: near Zermatt, Valais, southern Switzerland

Details for hike from Randa to the bridge

Theo lauber, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

13. Dala Gorge Leukerbad

This hike on elevated walkways through a narrow river gorge has a suspension bridges that cross over the river, a thrilling walk to say the least. If this makes you nervous, you can go relax at one of the wonderful nearby thermals baths, which is what this alpine village is known for.

Bridge: no stats, guessing 21m long, 30m high, 80cm wide
Hike: 3.3 km • 1 h ↑ 150 m ↓ 150 m • moderate
Region: Valais

See post about the Dala Gorge hike.

Eastern Switzerland

14. Batoni Falls

This new suspension bridge was built by the community and much celebrated when it opened in 2017. We were delighted to have an easy way to cross the river and be able to see more of the upper falls. This area is absolutely beautiful for hiking, even in the rain like we did.

Bridge: 50m long, 10m high, 80cm wide
Hike: 8km round trip • 3 hr ↑ 520 m ↓ 520 m • moderate
Region: Eastern Switzerland

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15. Tibetan Bridge Carasc

A cable car makes the hike a bit shorter and easier to reach this bridge that connects two mountain villages. The hike passes over the bridge and back down the mountain. Also on our to-do list, but hopefully not for long.

Bridge: 270m long, 130m high, 81cm wide
Hike: 7.3 km • 2.5 hrs ↑ 335 m ↓ 694 m • moderate
Region: Ticino

See details for hike on SchweizMobil

Map of suspension bridges

You can see a list and map of 152 suspension bridges in Switzerland, including exhaustive stats, on (thanks for the tip Our Swiss Experience!).

Do you have a favorite suspension bridge that didn’t make my list? Let me know in the comments so we can visit it!


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