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The beautiful medieval city centre of Gouda has a glorious past. With its beautiful façades, canals, courtyards and one of the most iconic cheese markets in the world, Gouda is truly a charming and authentically Dutch city. Haggle for a bargain at the Gouda cheese market, shop around in the city’s colourful streets or have a drink on one of the many inviting terraces.

Explore Gouda like a true local

People strolling in Gouda city centre

Gouda has had official city rights since 1272, making it an older city than even Amsterdam or Rotterdam. It’s one of the things that makes this city stand out. Gouda has a glorious past steeped in a host of trades from days gone by. Trades that are now almost part of cultural heritage but still define the face of the city. From local beers and ceramics to stroopwafels and, of course, world-famous Gouda Cheese: you can see and learn all about these fantastic products in Gouda.

Visit the Kamphuisen Siroopwafelfabriek to learn all about the production of stroopwafels or discover the world of Gouda cheese at the Gouda Cheese Experience. Wander through the streets around the Sint-Janskerk, famous for its 72 stained-glass windows, and imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. At a length of 123 metres, it’s also the longest church in the Netherlands. And make sure not to miss the city hall in the middle of the Markt square. It’s the oldest Gothic city hall in the Netherlands and looks like something straight out of a fairytale.

Siroopwafelfabriek Leiden

Supping in Gouda

A visit to Gouda soon reveals a city of water. The old city centre is surrounded and traversed by gorgeous canals. So hop on a SUP or a canoe and explore Gouda from the water. Where else could you navigate underneath houses in the oldest part of the city?

Not in the mood for paddling? Then climb aboard a boat for a tour of the canals with Reederij de IJsel or Bootje Kaas. Along the way, the skipper will tell you interesting facts about the city’s past and present. Prefer to determine your own route and explore at your own pace? Hop on a sustainable e-chopper bike and tour Gouda and its surrounding areas. Gouda is located in The Groene Hart (Green Heart), which makes it an excellent base for trips into nature areas such as the peaceful rural region of Krimpenerwaard.

Boating with Reederij De IJsel Gouda


The most bee-friendly municipality in the Netherlands

Gouda was voted the most bee-friendly municipality in the Netherlands in 2023. This isn’t so surprising considering it has more than its fair share of nature and greenery, such as the city parks of Houtmansplantsoen, Singelpark, Vroesentuin and the Van Bergen IJzendoornpark. On the fringes of the city you will find the Steinse Groen, and a little further away the unique Reeuwijkse Plassen nature reserve.

Trees in Gouda

Gouda cheesemarket

Gouda may be a city of history and old trades, but that does not mean it doesn’t also look towards the future. In fact, The New York Times recently praised Gouda as one of 52 cities in the world wanting to be part of ‘a positive change with regard to sustainability’. It even called the city ‘an ideal starting point for a car-free holiday in the Netherlands’.

Take the train or bus to Kinderdijk, famous for its impressive row of windmills along the river. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it offers stunning Dutch scenery. A short train ride away you will find Rotterdam, known for its modern architecture. Some notable sights include the Market Hall, the Erasmus Bridge and the harbour.

Alexander Lobrano

Gouda is an ideal starting point for a car-free holiday in the Netherlands.

Alexander LobranoNew York Times

The city is easily reached by train; for example, there is a good connection to Rotterdam, which is convenient for visitors travelling by Eurostar from England, France and Belgium, among others. You can also reach Utrecht and The Hague in just 20 minutes and Amsterdam in less than an hour.

The compact city centre also lends itself to exploration on foot. Gouda is the proud home of the first Fairtrade Street in the Netherlands, where you will find a large concentration of sustainable entrepreneurs: from clothes shops to vegan lunch cafés, it’s all here! During your walk, visit Museum Gouda with its interactive scale model of the city, unique militia group portraits, Gouda pottery known as Gouds Plateel and a decent selection of changing exhibitions. Afterwards, go for a drink in one of the inviting bars and restaurants to round off a great day.

Visbanken Gouda

Visit the premier industrial hotspot of Gouda

GOUDasfalt Gouda

Behind the Museumhaven is the Hollandse Ijssel river. The Gein and Korne ferries take you to Gouda’s industrial hotspot: GOUDasfalt. Here you’ll not only find the city beach and restaurant Gouwestrand, but also a marvellous combination of creative and sustainable entrepreneurs like Vuigmakers, a trendy company that tries to find new uses for waste. Because who wouldn’t want to turn an old bicycle tyre into a cool belt?

If you’ve worked up a thirst, be sure to try the craft beers from Brouwerij 1923. Looking for something quirky and rather cool? At the typemachinefabriek you can not only see or buy lots of old typewriters, but you can also bring your old model for service and repairs.


A slightly more traditional hidden gem is the attractive Museumhavenkwartier, with one place close to the Mallegatsluis that is particularly worth a visit. This museum harbour is home to the shipyard, the old skipper’s waiting room and many historical ships. Fun fact: some of these ships are still occupied by families and households. You can admire different types of ships, including old cargo ships, tugs and even a historic steamboat. It paints a vivid picture of what shipping used to look like. In addition, events and activities are often organised at the Museum Harbour, making it a vibrant and interesting place to visit.

Source: https://www.holland.com/

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