Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Aerial shot of Rotterdam skyline with Erasmus bridge at twilight as seen from the Euromast tower, The Netherlands

A very popular destination to visit throughout the year is the Netherlands. With the bustling city of Amsterdam, the great museums and the typical countryside, the Netherlands has something to offer every traveler. You can drive through the small country in less than an hour, but actually the best places are all located fairly close to Amsterdam And because time is money, we will tell you exactly where to find the most beautiful views in Holland.

1) Keukenhof

Since 1950, the Keukenhof garden has been open to the public and every year turns flowers into astonishing works of art, attracting people from all over the world. This year the theme of Keukenhof is ‘Dutch Design’, and we’re especially looking forward to the Mondrian themed garden – imagine vibrant yellow, red and blue tulips shaped like Mondrian’s the New York Boogie Woogie! From Amsterdam you can take the bus with direct connections to Keukenhof; the ‘Hop on Hop off Keukenhof’ bus even has a video presentation, telling you everything you need to know about Amsterdam, Holland and Keukenhof!

Park with multi-colored spring flowers Location is the Keukenhof garden, Netherlands.


2) Zaanse Schans

There is no escaping it, Holland’s windmills are iconic. And at the Zaanse Schans, only a 15 minute drive from Amsterdam, you will see the beautiful old mills in all their glory. During the 17th century over 600 windmills were constructed in this region, creating an ‘old school’ industrial region. You can learn everything about the working of these mills, and in the same region you can also meet traditional Dutch cheese farmers and clog makers. But all those windmills in a row offer a beautiful view!


3) Amsterdam Lookout

In 2016,  the A’DAM Lookout opened its doors, offering a 360 degree panoramic view over the city on one side, and countryside on the other. With good weather, you can see even other cities, like Utrecht! As you arrive, the staff of the A’DAM Lookout take your photo and serve you a cocktail to accompany the amazing view! If  you’re feeling really brave, there’s always a swing which you can sit on that’ll make you feel as if you’re floating in the air.


4) Amsterdam Canal District

Amsterdam is absolutely breathtaking. It’s for good reason that the biggest part of the center, the canal district, is on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The best way to see the beautiful architecture of the Golden Age is in a canal cruise, so get your camera ready and get in one of those boats!

Amsterdam city scene with many bike parkes on typical water canal and bridge in sunny day


5) Rotterdam

Another astonishing area in Holland is Rotterdam. During WWII the city was heavily bombed, resulting in the destruction of various historical sites. Despite this, Rotterdam is home to some amazing examples of modern architecture which you’ll love discovering, including the Euromast, where you’ll get to see the entire ‘industrial’ city from a good height. Another impressive view in Rotterdam is the harbor; this is one of the largest harbors in the world! You can take a harbor tour and get unique photo material for sure.

Aerial shot of Rotterdam skyline with Erasmus bridge at twilight as seen from the Euromast tower, The Netherlands


By Lala