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Kapolei is one of the fastest growing cities on the island of Oahu, HI. But why is that and why are so many people seeking to call Kapolei, Hawaii home? There’s so many reasons involved in these questions but we’re going to keep it down to 5 reasons everyone loves living in Kapolei.

Where Is Kapolei Hawaii

We always like to identify where the location of the city we’re discussing is. So where is Kapolei Hawaii?

Kapolei is located in the southeastern part of the island of Oahu. Comprising of the border on the eastern side of the city separating Ewa Beach and Kapolei as well as the western border to Nanakuli and up the mountains to the hills of Makakilo.

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Kapolei Hawaii Zip Code

The zip code for the city of Kapolei Hawaii is 96707.

This is helpful if you’re doing your research on homes in that specific zip code. You can input the Kapolei Hawaii zip code into your search bar and only see homes in Kapolei.

This also goes for anything else. Such as researching what schools are in Kapolei or things to do. When you see that zip code, you know it’s Kapolei.

Homes For Sale In Kapolei


5. Proximity To Desired Locations

Being a city nestled in the southeastern corner of the island, how does it have great proximity to other desirable places? Let’s give some reference points to some of Oahu’s other hotspots.

How Far Is Kapolei From Honolulu Airport?

Some people may work at the airport or need to be able to get to the airport on a regular basis but want to live in Kapolei. How far is Kapolei from Honolulu airport?


In the map below you can see that it really depends on the route you choose but most importantly of all, the time of day you’re hitting the road. You might’ve heard Honolulu can have some really bad traffic.

how far is kapolei from honolulu airport

Typically in the morning rush hour traffic from Kapolei to Honolulu airport you can expect a 45 minute to 1 hour drive. Morning rush hour traffic in Honolulu starts around 5:30am and doesn’t begin to thin out until around 9:00am. This is very important to keep in mind.

4. Amenities

There’s no shortage of things to do in Kapolei when it comes to amenities. Kapolei being coined the second city may lead people to thinking that it is another version of Waikiki but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is a city it does not have the same high rise condo, concrete jungle style like Waikiki. But that doesn’t mean there’s less to do.

Shopping In Kapolei

Kapolei boasts most of your big box stores that you see all over the country as well as some amazing local businesses. And yes, please always go show your support and shop at local businesses when possible. Here’s a list of places to shop (in no particular order)…

  1. Costco
  2. Home Depot
  3. Ka Makana Ali’i Mall
  4. Target
  5. Walmart
  6. Foodland
  7. Safeway
things to do in kapolei hawaii

We could honestly write an entire book on places to shop in Kapolei but we’re going to keep our list small for now.


Other amenities and things to do are going to the movie theater, Coral Crater Park for some ziplining and fun adventures, going to the beach, Ko’Olina Resort area, Wet N Wild Hawaii, checking out a Luau in Paradise Cove, and tons more.

3. Is Kapolei A Good Place To Live?

Let’s first talk about the vibe of the city. As we mentioned earlier in the article, Kapolei has been coined the “second city” of Honolulu. That word, “city”, can be very misleading and potentially stray someone away who isn’t looking to live in a “city”. It is a very spread out city with a business district, tons of small businesses, a court house, but most importantly, a family friendly city.

Being considered family friendly can be very vague. So what makes Kapolei a family friendly environment?

Well what are the things that give us the feeling or sense of security when it comes to our family feeling safe? Oftentimes those things that give us that feeling of being in a safer community are kids just being outside. And you’ll notice a lot of that in this city.

There’s always lots of youth sports happening, parents out riding bikes with their kids, running, walking their dog, or playing at the parks.

When we see these things, and not in just one part of the city, but all over the city in every area you go, we tend to get that familiar feeling of our old family friendly neighborhood.

2. Checks The Boxes For Many People

If you’re thinking about relocating to Kapolei you most likely have a checklist of sorts. Whether you have it written down or in your head you have a checklist of things you desire in the community you want to live in. Now there may be some deal breakers in there that are important to note but for the most part, this city checks a lot of the boxes for a lot of people making it a desirable community to live.

When it comes to schools, Kapolei ranks well from elementary up to high school. Please always conduct your own due diligence as everyone’s definition of “good” is different.  Kapolei provides the proximity to lots of jobs, amenities and things to do.  We just talked about it being considered family friendly by many.

It also offers a variety of styles of living. From condo/townhome living to single family residences, there’s no shortage of variety. Kapolei is also home to some of the newest home developments on the island. A lot of Hawaii’s homes are older so if you’re in search of something fairly newer or brand new then you may want to consider living here.

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1. Outdoor Activities

No matter where you are on the island there’s outdoor activities. So what outdoor activities does Kapolei have to offer?

Coral Crater Park was mentioned earlier but is a hidden gem in this community. You can experience ziplining, offroading, climbing and more.

You can head over to Ko’Olina resort community and hang out in their lagoons or walk through Disney Aulani resort. Families love the lagoons because of the man made rock walls that block the waves from coming in and crashing hard on the shores giving it a more safe experience for smaller children. This area isn’t just resorts, there’s also a world famous golf course where PGA & LPGA tournaments are held. There’s also townhomes and single family homes for sale in this community and a preschool nearby.


Other outdoor activities include going to the beach! Other than the lagoons of Ko Olina two other popular beaches are White Plains beach and Barbers Point. These beaches are not too far from each other so it’s really a matter of which you prefer. White plains also offers an MWR facility for military service members to rent surf boards while hanging out at the beach.

Living In Kapolei Hawaii

Kapolei has so much to offer. Whether you’re a single, working class individual or a family looking for that special spot to call home. If you have more questions or are thinking about making the move to Kapolei don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We talk to so many people about their move to Kapolei every single day and we absolutely love it. We’re here when you need us!


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