Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

It’s perfect cycling weather

Pleasant temperatures of  62 to 71 degrees, plenty of sunshine and maybe a fresh sea breeze: that’s a typical summer day in the Netherlands. These are ideal conditions for getting out and exploring your surroundings on a cycling tour. So if you are looking to enjoy an outdoor vacation, would like to escape the big cities and avoid the suffocating heat of the south, the Netherlands could be an ideal destination. Just get outside and enjoy!


Outdoor swimming

If there’s something in abundance in the Netherlands, it’s water. So wherever you head your bicycle to, you’ll most likely be passing a swimming spot or two on the way. Just make sure to always have a swimsuit in your bicycle bag and enjoy a bathing break on your tour. A few strokes through the refreshing water, and you’ll feel like a new person! The absolute swimming highlights are, of course, the wonderfully extensive sandy beaches at the North Sea. They are so wide that even on the warmest midsummer days you’re guaranteed to find a quiet spot for your beach mat.

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Summer festivals

It’s not a secret that the Netherlands can be rainy and cloudy at times. That’s why the Dutch cherish the precious hours of summer sunshine and celebrate this season to the fullest.

This is when special markets and open-air festivals pop up everywhere. Between June and August, the travelling theater festival Parade turns the city parks of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or The Hague into a colorful circus. In July you can enjoy the world-class jazz at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam or marvel at the spectacle at the Fireworks Festival on the beach in Scheveningen in August. These are just a few of our favorite summer events. But there is so much more to discover!

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Long summer evenings

What would summer be without those long, balmy evenings? On your bike and boat trip you can savor them on the sun deck with a glass of wine in hand. You can also choose to take an after dinner walk through the historic center of the town where your ship is docked today. Wherever you are, you’ll be sure to find lively city squares and convivial terraces to enjoy the summer atmosphere till late evenings. Also remember to look for special summer pop-ups like a tropical cocktail bar on the city beach or an open-air cinema.

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When it comes to prices, summer is not a high season

Summer may be the high season in the Netherlands, but at Boat Bike Tours you won’t feel it. At least not in your wallet. Our prices always stay the same, regardless of the season. So you can explore all the good things that Dutch summer has to offer and still enjoy the low prices!

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By Lala