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Here are 5 reasons why autumn is the perfect season to visit Switzerland:

  1. The weather is just right

Between the months of September and December, the weather is just perfect for the Indian traveller. Winter hasn’t begun so it’s not freezing cold and the summer is ending so the weather isn’t too warm. There is a cool breeze in the air and everywhere you look, the trees are changing colour and you will find yourself walking on a blanket of orange and gold. With the Swiss Travel Pass, exploring the country becomes even easier with an exclusive offer for Indians travelling in autumn. Visitors get one extra travel day free with the 4-day consecutive pass and 2 extra travel days free with the 8-day consecutive travel pass.

Why autumn is the time to visit Switzerland

  1. It’s the perfect time to visit the vineyards of Lavaux

The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces stretch along the northern shores of Lake Geneva for about 30km and is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful destinations. With stunning views of Lake Geneva and the Alps and winding little lanes that take you through gorgeous vineyards, Lavaux has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Picturesque little villages, wine cellars and traditional bars are must-visits in the area and especially in autumn when the weather is perfect for a stroll amidst the vineyards.

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  1. Go crazy about chestnuts

During the autumn months in Switzerland, chestnuts are pretty much everyone’s favourite snack. Go chestnut picking in the forests of Ticino and roast them on a bonfire at home with the family for a typical Swiss experience. There is even a Chestnut festival held every year in Ascona where you can try out delicious cakes and jams made with chestnuts.

  1. Attend the grape harvest festival

Autumn is grape harvesting season in Switzerland when the grapes are ripe and ready to be made into wine. Many people aren’t aware that Switzerland has acres and acres of vineyards that produce some delicious wine. However, the overall production of wine in Switzerland is very limited so you’ll rarely find Swiss wine sold outside Switzerland. All the more reason to visit – for the walks in the vineyards and the wine!

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  1. Take advantage of the Stopover Switzerland packages

The new ‘Stopover Switzerland’ programme is a collaboration between Switzerland Tourism and Switzerland Travel Centre which offers eight different tourist packages covering the whole of Switzerland. This means that if you’re travelling by Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) you can extend your stopover in Switzerland by one to four nights and explore so much more of the incredible sights that Switzerland has to offer. Time to pack your bags and head to the land of cheese, chestnuts and chocolate!

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