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Whether you love swimming indoors or basking in the sun outdoors, Maastricht has something for everyone. Dive into this detailed guide to the city’s best swimming pools, where each one guarantees a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Best Indoor Swimming Pools In Maastricht:

1. Grand Café Geusseltbad:

Grand Café Geusseltbad in Maastricht offers more than just a swimming pool. Located at the beginning of the green loper (a beautiful walking path) in Maastricht, this cozy café provides an extensive menu along with unique features.


  1.  Indoor and outdoor pools: Visitors can enjoy both indoor and outdoor pools, catering to various preferences such as lap swimming, group lessons, or leisurely splashing around.
  2. Family-friendly amenities: Families will appreciate the dedicated play area for kids, allowing parents to relax or dine while their children have fun in a safe environment.
  3.  Café versatility: The café serves as a versatile venue, suitable for a range of events including business meetings and live performances, adding to the overall experience.
  4.  Affordable prices: Grand Café Geusseltbad offers affordable prices, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors.

2. Geusseltbad:

The Geusseltbad, is a versatile swimming pool that caters to a wide range of visitors.


1. Variety of pools: Geusseltbad offers several pools, catering to different preferences:

  •    Play pool with a slide: Ideal for family fun and enjoyment.
  •    25-meter indoor pool: Equipped with eight lanes, suitable for serious swimmers.
  •    Outdoor pool: Perfect for enjoying the good weather and outdoor swimming.

2. Accessibility: Geusseltbad is easily accessible, ensuring convenience for visitors.

3. Parking: Plenty of free parking spaces are available for visitors, enhancing accessibility and convenience.


3. Zenden Hotel Maastricht:

The swimming pool at Zenden Hotel Maastricht is a unique and captivating feature. It is located in a 700-year-old vaulted cellar, which adds to its charm and historical appeal. The pool’s waters are a beautiful sapphire blue, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere for guests.


  • Group lessons: Guests staying at the hotel can freely participate in group lessons, including yoga, zumba, street dance, pilates, and spinning.
  • Location: The hotel is conveniently located just a 5-minute walk away from Vrijthof Square.
  • Nearby attractions: After a refreshing swim, guests can explore the nearby attractions and enjoy the vibrant city of Maastricht.
  • Access options: Non-guests interested in using the pool can inquire about day passes or pool-only access options.
  • Additional information: Visitors can find more details by visiting the hotel’s website.
zenden hotel maastricht pool

4. Swimming Pool de Geusselt:

The  Geusseltbad is more than just a swimming pool. Situated in the green heart of the Geusseltpark, it offers accessibility and recreational facilities.


  1. Multifunctional changing rooms: Geusseltbad provides multifunctional changing rooms, enhancing the convenience and comfort of visitors.
  2. Excellent sports facilities: The facility boasts excellent sports facilities, catering to various fitness needs and preferences.
  3. Helpful attendants: Attendants at Geusseltbad are known for their helpfulness, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all visitors.
  4. Versatility: Whether visitors seek swimming, exercising, or relaxation, Geusseltbad caters to all needs and preferences.
  5. Natural surroundings: Enjoy leisurely swims in a pleasant setting surrounded by nature, providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere.
  6. Outdoor pool: During good weather, visitors can take advantage of the outdoor pool, adding to the overall experience.
swimming pool de geusselt

Best Outdoor Swimming Pools In Maastricht:

best outdoor swimming pool in maastricht

1. Zwembad Heer:

Zwembad Heer is an outdoor swimming pool located at Laan in den Drink 8, Maastricht , Netherlands.


  1. Size and water type: The pool measures 15 by 10 meters and uses saltwater, providing a unique swimming experience for visitors.
  2. Location: Situated at restaurant De Dwaze Herder, the pool offers a convenient and enjoyable setting for guests.
  3. Outdoor setting: As an outdoor pool, visitors can expect a refreshing and pleasant experience while swimming.

2. Speeltuin Fort Willem:

Speeltuin Fort Willem is a delightful playground located in Maastricht, Netherlands.


  1. Impressive area: Covering 15,000 square meters, the playground offers ample space for children to explore and play.
  2. Variety of play structures: With approximately 50 different play structures, children have plenty of options to keep themselves entertained, from small slides to bigger ones.
  3. Kiddies’ pool: The playground features a kiddies’ pool where little ones can splash and play, adding to the fun.
  4. Affordable pricing: For just €2 per person, kids can enjoy all the activities offered at the playground, making it accessible to families.
  5. Midget golf course: For an additional fee of €1, visitors can also enjoy a midget golf course, adding another dimension of entertainment.
  6. Spacious play area: Families appreciate the spacious play area, especially during hot weather when the shade of the trees provides a cool retreat, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.
speeltuin Fort willem

3. Vereniging Zwembad Jekerdal:

Vereniging Zwembad Jekerdal is a delightful swimming pool located in the heart of Maastricht.


  1. Season and accessibility: The pool operates from May to September and is exclusively accessible to its members, offering a seasonal swimming experience.
  2. Volunteer-run: What sets this pool apart is its reliance on volunteers. Community members manage everything from maintenance to lifeguard duties, fostering a strong sense of community involvement.
  3. Social media presence: Stay updated with the latest news and updates by following them on Instagram and Facebook.
  4. Guest passes and membership queries: Members can introduce guests using guest passes, and there are consultation hours available for membership-related queries, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all.
vereniging zwebad jekerdal


Maastricht boasts a wide range of swimming pools, catering to every preference and occasion. Whether you prefer the peacefulness of indoor pools or the refreshing outdoors, this vibrant city has something for every swimmer. To bring us with you, don’t forget to take many photos and tag us on social media (@dernederlanden). Have fun!


By Lala