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There is little as beautiful in this world, as relaxing Hike Spring in Switzerland. With an awaking nature, colours spark on every corner. The massive and numerous glaciers that collected water during Winter, are now starting to melt, releasing an incredible amount of crystal clear water in lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Animals awake from their Winter break, hungry for nature and life. And in all this, you can find a peaceful retreat among them. But where is the best way to hike in Switzerland during Spring? Here are our top 7:

7. Around Sulz

Pristine Nature along 25km hike

spring in switzerland - Sulz

A quite long hike opens our list. With over 800 meters of ascending, it is a long hike of 7 hours. But be assured, that every step is a pleasure and experience. Being submerged in green nature and blossoming flowers, this hike is just what you need to refresh your soul from the long cold Winter.

spring in switzerland

And once you reach the peak, a fantastical view opens in front of your eyes. Then the path descends comfortably back to Sulz, where you have a parked your car. For more info, click here.

6. Pfannenstiel Trail

A relaxing hike close to Zurich

spring in switzerland - Pfannenstiel

Just hiking around Zurich Switzerland, you can enjoy a pleasant and easy hike to escape the busy city life. Starting in Forch and ending in Meilen, the walk is 13km long and takes around 4 hours. Presumably, you will be around for much longer, as there are restaurants, waterfalls, cows, towers, and BBQ facilities along the route.

It is a perfect option if you want to have a relaxing day and walkable by anyone. So, take your bread and drinks with you and start the hike. Or grab some beers, coal, and sausages and get ready for an unforgettable BBQ in fresh nature!

5. Creux-du-Van

A once in a lifetime experience

As the name suggests, we are in the French area of spring Switzerland. The climate here is more predictable, so you can escape the fog and sudden rain showers. But the perks are well beyond climate. This is a place where nature is astonishing. An incredible 160 meters oval cliff is the pearl of this hike, and the place you want to have your lunch at.

And luckily, the hike is nothing hard. It stretches for 14km and is walkable in 5 hours. Children and the elderly can reach this natural beauty, making it a good family weekend trip. And if you are lucky and quiet, you will even the chance to see some of the local but shy Ibex.

Click here for more info.

spring hikes in switzerland - creux du van

4. Seerenbachfälle Hike, Walensee

Relaxed walk around Alpine lake

spring hikes in switzerland - Walensee

Walensee is easily accessible from Zurich. Reaching the Southside of the approximately 15km long lake is easily done by train, car, and motorbike. You can get off in Murg and start your hike. From here, it is really up to you on which direction to go. You won’t be able to walk around the lake, so you must turn around at a certain point and walk back the way you walked.

Let that not discourage you!! The lake is deep and pure. The water is cold and refreshing (you can bath in it). You will see blossoming flowers and many typical Swiss villages on the way. And the views on the mountains surrounding the lake are unique.

Most paths are well paved, making it another family-friendly day hike. Here you can discover more if you want to enjoy the charm of Walensee.

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3. Sentiero Verzasca

Hiking in the Italian canton

spring hikes in switzerland - Verzasca

The Italian area of Switzerland in spring has a more South-European flair than the rest. The weather is sunny, you can spot palm trees, and even the language is more melodical. And yet, nature is still as charming as anywhere in Switzerland. So, if you are looking for a special hike, something different, welcome to the Verzasca valley!!

The full hike is too long for a day tour, that’s why it is divided into 2 stages. We think that the second part is simply more charming and offers more fun activities, like bathing and Italian restaurants. Starting in Lavertezzo and ending in Locarno. This hike is not easy! It stretches for 21km and takes around 8 hours. Yet, if the body condition allows it, it is pure magic. Why is it N.3 among “Best Hike Spring in Switzerland”? Because you get the best at the end! A bath in ice-cold glacier water with amazing natural surroundings! Click here for more info.

2. High-altitude route in the Upper Basel region

It can’t get any greener than this!

spring hikes in switzerland - Langenbruck

So you like green nature and blossoming flowers? Then this might your favorite hike in the top 7 “Best Spring Hikes in Switzerland”. Starting from Langenbruck, this hike isn’t long, yet it isn’t easy! It is a lot of up and downs, and never flat! From here you will conquer the peak of Helfenberg. From here you have a spectacular view over one of Switzerland’s greenest areas of all.

The hike is 11km long and takes around 4 hours. Click here for more info.

1. Lauterbrunnen

Where fantasy becomes reality

spring hikes in switzerland - Lauterbrunnen

Switzerland is a particular place for many reasons. The incredible nature, the charming housing, the architecture, and the friendly people. And while all of Switzerland is worth visiting, there are some special places in special seasons. Just like a bottle of wine that isn’t chilled properly, also travel destinations give their best under the right circumstances. This is the case with Lauterbrunnen!

Lauterbrunnen is a valley scarved in a glacier area. During Winter, the glaciers cumulate water in form of water. And once temperatures rise, incredible amounts of water start melting. This causes an incredible 72 waterfalls to reverse in the valley through high cliffs. From every side, from every corner of the eye, you can witness these spectacular natural scenarios!!!

And while the natural scenario is magnificent, the hikes are various, and leisure activities abound. Restaurants, parks, forests, and obviously a river flow through the valley. And this is why Lauterbrunnen is the best among all “Best Hike Spring in Switzerland”! The hike is easy and can be adjusted to needs. For more info, click here.

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Hike spring in Switzerland is a “must-do” for any hiker! Fresh smells, colourful valleys, good food, endless fun, and much more await you here. And as every hiker, you definitely need a backpacking zurich! Visit our selection and get your backpack delivered right home!


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