Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Hawaii is renowned for its many bucket list hikes, unique landscapes, and beaches. As summer approaches, tourists will likely flock to these islands’ main attractions, but why not add a dash of lesser-known adventure to a vacation? Travelers can explore Hawaii’s least visited island, Molokai, for example, or search for underrated scenic spots in Hawaii scattered about the archipelago.

Despite the fame of some islands, such as Ohau, Kauai, and Maui, the islands of Hawaii still have a number of spots that most tourists are unaware of, including some secluded beaches, hikes, waterfalls, and attractions.

These underrated places in Hawaii that abound with scenery are for those seeking spots with fewer tourists and quieter experiences.

Lulumahu Falls, Oahu

To access the 50-foot waterfall, visitors must explore a trail that goes through bamboo forests

Lulumahu Falls

Oahu is famous for its many scenic hikes and is home to beautiful spots that many travelers still overlook. When visiting the island, people are often so involved in beachcombing in places like Waikiki Beach and Lanikai Beach or exploring the most popular hikes that they miss underrated places like Lulumahu Falls.

The secluded 50-foot waterfall is accessible via a scenic moderate hike known as the Lulumahu Falls Trail, which goes through bamboo forests and streams. Former hikers recommend being prepared for a muddy and slippery hike.

Pololu Valley Lookout, Big Island

Offers scenic views of the valley and its black sand beach

Pololu Valley, Kohala Forest Reserve

Hawaii’s islands offer a range of viewpoints that are often busy, but there are still unknown scenic spots like the Pololu Valley Lookout. Perched on the northern coast of the Big Island, it offers a privileged view of the valley and cliffs, which would be enough reason to stop by. However, the highlight is the Pololu Trail, a hike that leads to the valley’s black sand beach.

The Pololu Valley Lookout is often an easy hike, but previous hikers recommend avoiding it after the rain, as it tends to be slippery.

Kahakuloa Bay, Maui

This secluded spot is only reached via the Kahekili Highway

By Lala