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The best boyfriends are those that are Scottish. Have you had trouble falling in love? It could be that you haven’t been seeing any Scots! Here are 10 reasons you should date a Scottish guy.

The Accent

To begin with, the Scottish accent is wonderful. Accents vary widely; you can hear variances in Glasgwegian, Edinburghian, and Doric in the Highlands. Imagine someone whispering to you with a Scottish accent, something nice. Isn’t that incredible? Additionally, your new Scottish beau will be able to teach you a ton of new terms that you’ve never heard before because they will also speak Scots. You can learn a new language and have a seductive accent? What’s not to enjoy?

They Occasionally Wear Kilts

Let’s get one thing straight: the myth that Scottish men live their entire lives galloping about the moors in kilts is absurd. Nonetheless, when circumstances allow, the majority of Scottish males will occasionally don a kilt. See your man in a kilt at events like weddings, ceilidhs, Christmas parties, etc. I promise it’s worthwhile. All men look good in a kilt, whether or whether they are acting like “true Scotsmen.” It’s just the way of Mother Nature.

They Are Indifferent

Although we Scots have a reputation for being perpetually irate, we’re actually a fairly laid-back race. Nothing bothers the people of Scotland. When we got a full-fledged hurricane a few years back, we didn’t panic and called it Hurricane Bawbag. Meanwhile, someone recorded a trampoline rolling by his front window on camera. You won’t ever have to worry about stress again if you land a Scottish partner who will be so carefree about everything.

They Are The Wittiest Individuals

Do you know of any Scottish Twitter users? People from Scotland are very funny. They have an extraordinary sense of humor. Consider Lewis Capaldi’s absurd live feeds on Facebook and Instagram. That is the national character of Scottish males. They make the world seem like one huge joke by finding the humorous side of everything, including the previously mentioned hurricane. To get a feel of what dating a Scottish man entails, I also suggest looking up Scottish Twitter on Google Images if you haven’t seen it before.

They Will Undoubtedly Want To Take A Vacation With You

Hear me out: Scotland receives two weeks of sunshine at best each year. This year, we experienced a scorching 30-degree day, but then we had such intense rain that towns flooded and hundreds of automobiles in an airport parking lot were drowned. The desire of the Scottish people is therefore to travel somewhere warm and escape this never-ending cold. Therefore, he will never say no when you ask your Scottish man if he wants to spend a week in Spain. Holidays in the sun are guaranteed when you date a Scot, as long as their finances allow.

They Could Acquaint You With Scottish Food

Although it’s not quite Le Cordon Bleu, Scottish food is nonetheless exceptional. Our list of delectable treats includes black pudding and deep-fried Mars Bars, of which we are extremely proud. Because Burns’ Night is a major occasion in Scotland, you will be served a Burns Supper consisting of haggis, neaps, and tatties each year. Although haggis is not for everyone, if you enjoy it, you’ll find yourself looking forward to Burns’ Night every day. Naturally, haggis is available at these stores year-round, so indulge whenever you please! The creators of the deep-fried pizza supper are the Scots, and you haven’t lived if you don’t know what it is. The next time your Scottish boyfriend orders a nibble from the chippy, ask him for one.

Maybe They’ll Bring You To A Ceilidh

There’s a reason I say “might.” If you’re not familiar, a ceilidh is a sort of Scottish celebration at which traditional Scottish dances are performed and an accordion is played. Although many individuals find them enjoyable, the fact that these extremely uncomfortable dances are taught to all Scottish students in schools is an issue. Many of us find that after we graduate from college, we never want to go near a ceilidh again because of it. A ceilidh, however, is an opportunity to let loose and dance till your feet hurt for those who enjoy them! So find a Scottish guy who enjoys ceilidhs and get him to teach you the steps if that seems like your kind of thing!

They’re Sexy

This is merely a basic fact about men from Scotland. True, one’s perception of beauty is subjective, but have you seen any Scottish men? David Tennant, Gerard Butler, and James Macavoy This nation is home to some extremely attractive males! All you have to do to meet loads of handsome Scottish guys is walk into any bar in Glasgow. Try it out!

They Enjoy Drinking

It’s a widely held belief that all Scots are heavy drinkers, and to be honest, this is not far from the reality. A Scottish guy might be ideal for you if you enjoy a cheeky drink, as Scots are known for their love of alcohol! They will be especially ideal if you like beer, as it is a Scot’s favorite beverage; but, if you twist their arm sufficiently, they will usually switch to a fruity cocktail.

They’re Hardy

It’s a known fact that Scottish men don’t put up with garbage from anyone. A Scot is the best man you could ask for if you’re seeking for someone to defend you and keep you safe. Your Scottish boyfriend won’t put up with any bullshit when it comes to his girlfriend since we Scots detest injustice and will speak out against it if we witness it. They are especially helpful for walking with you on gloomy evenings or sending to the front door when you’re not sure who’s there because of this. When necessary, they don’t hesitate to defend themselves.


By Lala