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A guide to the most desirable locations in Australia for expatriates.

Australia is home to sprawling modern cities, unique wildlife, vast countryside, and some of the world’s finest beaches. It is also a country where local celebrities attend games involving the teams they own (Russell Crowe) and where you will see prime ministers wearing green and gold tracksuits while out for a stroll.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide where to relocate. We have compiled a list of the best places for expatriates, so you need not worry. Regardless of your reasons for moving to Australia, this list will assist you in locating your new residence.

Caution is advised when asking an Australian where they reside. Australians are highly competitive, so it’s likely that they believe their hometown is the best in the country. You will require research, which is where we come in.

1. Melbourne: best for culture

It’s no surprise that Melbourne held the title of the world’s most livable city for seven consecutive years according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s global liveability index, as it is regarded as Australia’s cultural capital (unless you ask Sydney residents).

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
Melbourne sunset over the Yarra River

Some of Australia’s cities have a multicultural feel, but none do it quite like Melbourne. This is partially due to the large immigrant population, which has brought cuisine and cultures from all over the world.

This means that you will find world-class cafes and restaurants serving cuisine from around the globe, as well as, according to the locals, the best coffee in the world.

Considered Australia’s sporting capital, it’s also home to Australia’s unique brand of football – Aussie Rules.

The Aussie Rules final, which is sometimes referred to as “aerial ping-pong,” has one of the largest attendances of any domestic competition on earth. However, good luck learning the rules.

Melbourne is commonly referred to by outsiders as the hipster capital of Australia, which is largely accurate.

Collingwood’s Easey Street Smoke Out is one of the hipster-favored venues, despite their peculiar fashion preferences. This barbecue restaurant is hidden down a narrow alley beneath an edgy gallery in a motorcycle shop. It really doesn’t get more Melbourne than that.

The advantages of residing in Melbourne:

Considered the “London of Australia” for its diversity, friendliness, and reputation as a meeting place for people from all over the world.

The world-class nightlife, live sports, and other activities are sufficient to keep anyone entertained.

Allows for an excellent balance of activities without feeling crowded.

The disadvantages:

Summers are pleasant and warm, but winters can be colder than in other regions of the country.

A competitive real estate market results in higher prices, particularly for renters.

Expect entertainment, going out, and certain items to cost more in regional areas than they would otherwise.

2. Adelaide: best all-rounder

Adelaide receives less attention than other major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, likely due to its smaller size. This, however, is one of its greatest selling points! What it lacks in population, it makes up for with the incredible lifestyle it offers its residents.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
Glenside, Adelaide’s Allinga Street was lined with jacaranda trees.

Adelaide is an ideal location for families due to its pleasant climate, affordable housing costs, diverse range of activities, country-like atmosphere, and quality education.

The majority of Adelaide’s 1,3 million residents would rather live in the suburbs than in the city. It entails living closer to the coast with easy access to the city at a fraction of the metropolitan cost.

A large number of food trucks, high-quality restaurants, and eateries are located in close proximity.

The Adelaide Fringe Festival and a thriving music and theater scene contribute to the prominence of the arts in this city. In addition, there are countless outdoor activities available, including hiking, surfing, and everything else.

Advantages of Adelaide:

In one city, it is possible to experience quaint country living, coastal escapes, and urban life.

Work-life balance: the slower pace of life is ideal for escaping the rat race.

The Barossa Valley is a short distance from Adelaide for those interested in a fine drop.

The disadvantages:

As an expat, it can be difficult to find work, particularly for unskilled workers.

Several areas, such as shopping and business opportunities, are lacking in a small-town ambience.

Connections: public transportation can be sporadic and domestic flights from the airport can be expensive.

3. Hobart: best for families

Tasmania contains breathtaking natural landscapes, ancient forests, and beaches. Its center is Hobart, where housing costs are among the lowest in Australia.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
Horseshoe waterfalls in Tasmania’s Mount Field National Park

If you enjoy living in a small town, you will adore Hobart. As Tasmania is often overlooked by the rest of the world, the schools are excellent and the state is regarded as incredibly safe. It is possible to enjoy life, hobbies, and time spent with loved ones because the pace of life is slow.

Your commutes to and from work will be significantly shorter due to the shorter distance to travel and the lack of traffic. This means more time spent with the family at home.

There are numerous opportunities to explore the arts, culture, museums, and natural surroundings. Spend your weekends hiking, at the beach, or sampling the burgeoning cuisine. Additionally, some consider Tasmania to have the best coffee in Australia, unless you ask someone from Melbourne.

The benefits of Hobart:

Tasmania’s landscape is simply stunning. The scenery is breathtaking, the air is fresh, and the water is crystal clear.

Community: there is a genuine sense of community here, and the people are friendly and hail from all over the world, united by their location in this peaceful corner of the globe.

Family-friendly: affordable housing (approximately 30 percent cheaper than the average in Sydney), safe neighborhood, and excellent schools.

The disadvantages:

Certain industries, such as hospitality and education, offer employment opportunities, while others do not.

Housing: houses are inexpensive but difficult to find. Make sure you have secured a residence prior to your arrival in Hobart, as there simply aren’t that many available.

Winters are cold, with temperatures frequently dropping into the single digits. Winter coats are required. And a scarf as well.

4. The Blue Mountains are ideal for rural living

The annual winter magic festival is held in Katoomba, which possesses a creative spirit. There are numerous charming boutiques and cafes in nearby Leura, a local secret.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
A pond in Bathurst’s Machattie park.

Bathurst and Mudgee are situated further along the road.

Bathurst hosts one of the year’s largest auto racing events, the Bathurst 1000, in which one driver is crowned “King of the Mount.”

Bathurst also has a sizeable student population, which brings cultural festivals and events to the city each year.

It has everything you could need, affordable real estate, and ample space to enjoy the peace and quiet that the country provides.

Sydney is only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the majority of towns in and around the Blue Mountains.

State and private schools are available in the area, making it an excellent choice for families.

The advantages of residing in the Blue Mountains:

The tranquility: peaceful country living and breathtaking starry nights.

The cost of living is significantly less than in major cities, especially in terms of real estate.

Out here, traffic simply does not exist because there are not enough people.

The disadvantages:

There are few available professional opportunities on the job market.

Community: communities with closer ties. The people are pleasant, but it can be difficult to join established groups.

As public transportation is limited, a car is required.

5. The Sunshine Coast is the premier coastal location

Australia’s coastline is home to some of the world’s finest beaches, making it difficult to make a mistake. However, the greatest problem is that there are simply too many options to choose from.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
Noosa Heads is located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Consequently, you cannot go wrong with the Sunshine Coast. Located north of the state capital of Brisbane, it is less popular with tourists than the Gold Coast, so you can enjoy your idyllic beach life in peace.

Noosa Heads is a more populous area, but there are other nearby towns with equally beautiful stretches of beach.

Mooloolaba, Caloundra, and Buddina are also popular tourist destinations.

The cost of living is very low, particularly if you avoid the more affluent areas frequented by tourists. In addition, you are close to the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, so you can easily escape to the city whenever necessary.

The advantages of the Sunshine Coast are:

Coastal living: access to beautiful beaches.

The lifestyle here is so laid-back that you can unwind without even trying. In addition, the cost of living is very reasonable.

Brisbane’s international airport is in close proximity, making both domestic and international flights easily accessible.

The disadvantages:

There are few available professional opportunities on the job market.

Tourism: During the peak season, there are often many tourists.

The Sunshine Coast is not as well served by public transportation as other regions of the country.

6. The Central Coast is the best place for retirees

The Central Coast is a collection of seaside towns located just over an hour’s drive north of Sydney, and it’s a great place to retire if you’re considering Australia.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
The blue waters of Avoca Beach on New South Wales’ Central Coast.

Gosford is the largest town, and its train station provides the most connections to the CBD (Central Business District – effectively, the city centre).

The area is ideal for retirees due to the lifestyle. Spend your days basking in the sun, strolling along the beach, exploring parks and nature reserves, playing bowls at an RSL club, and appreciating the abundance of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

There are numerous retirement communities where you can reside in affordable housing in a quiet, confined neighborhood, and real estate is affordable.

Avoca, Copacabana, Terrigal, McMasters, Pearl, and Kincumber are a few of the other stunning locations available. In addition to varying proximity to the coast and bushland, larger properties are also available.

For your peace of mind, there are also excellent public and private health care options available. The proximity to Sydney is a tremendous advantage.

Simply ask for a senior discount when you’re out and about in Australia.

The advantages of living on the Central Coast are:

The clean air, sun, and natural surroundings of a coastal lifestyle are ideal for enjoying your golden years.

There are a variety of properties available to accommodate any lifestyle preference.

The cost of living on the central coast is very low, making it an ideal location for retirement.

The disadvantages:

If you are looking for employment opportunities, you will likely need to commute to Sydney.

It is simple to reach either Newcastle or Sydney via public transportation, but service between smaller towns is limited. A car is suggested.

Depending on the location, some homes can be quite costly.

7. Sydney offers the most employment chances

Surely you’ve heard of Sydney, the largest city in Australia. As the economic capital of Australia, with numerous local and international businesses establishing offices here, it offers numerous employment opportunities.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
The Sydney Harbour Bridge connects the city center to the wealthy suburbs of North Shore, with Kirribilli in the lead.

While sipping delicious coffee, you can visit the iconic Sydney Harbour (home to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House), soak up the sun on Manly or Bondi beach, or shop to your heart’s content. You will not find a Costa here, nor will you miss it!

Are you a foodie? Sydney is without a doubt the place to be. Here, there are numerous restaurants of the highest caliber. Tip: visit Queenies in Surry Hills if you like jerk chicken.

Multiple world-class stadiums and venues host regular sporting events, making live sports a massive part of Sydney’s culture.

Sydney is difficult to navigate. The roads are somewhat confusing, and traffic is heavy, especially during rush hour.

However, there is an affordable and efficient public transportation system. Included in this are trains, buses, and ferries. Unlike in the United Kingdom, regional trains and buses are not exorbitantly priced.

Learn more in our guide to the Best Places to Live in Sydney.

The benefits of Sydney:

Summers are less humid than in the north, and winters are milder.

Opportunity: finding a job is significantly easier than in other regions of the country, particularly for young, skilled professionals.

Sydney offers a greater variety of lifestyles than any other major city in the world.

The disadvantages:

Sydney is considered to be one of the costliest cities in the world. Expect to pay more for necessities, entertainment, and housing.

Constantly, reliance on automobiles causes massive amounts of traffic congestion.

8. Best for expat communities is Perth.

Perth, located on Australia’s west coast, is a relaxed city with great weather and beaches. The city is covered in trees and parks at every turn.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
Perth’s Elizabeth Quay Bridge.

Perth provides its residents with an abundance of cultural attractions, culinary options, and sporting events, but without the congestion of larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

The weather, abundance of outdoor activities, and low cost of living all contribute to the high quality of life in this area.

The largest draw is the large expat population.

Some estimate that up to one-third of Perth’s population consists of expats, with the largest groups hailing from the United Kingdom and South Africa. These communities are active, connected, and hospitable, so there is someone available to assist with the transition.

The benefits of residing in Perth:

An outdoor lifestyle is one of the things that will benefit you greatly in Perth. Air, sun, sea, and sand are beneficial to the soul.

Perth has a significantly lower cost of living than other major Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Community: the expat community can facilitate your transition to life in Perth.

The disadvantages:

The slower pace can be an adjustment for those relocating from larger urban centers.

There are jobs available, but after the mining boom’s peak, they are limited to certain sectors.

Perth is not only isolated from the rest of the world, but also from the rest of Australia.

What is the best Australian country town to live in?

“Goldilocks” towns are locations in Australia that offer the “best country town lifestyle.” To qualify, these towns must have more than 2,000 residents and receive high marks on a variety of factors, including unemployment rates and quality of life. Another element is the average income.

Griffith, located in New South Wales, has been successful in recent years. With a population just below 20,000, there are just enough people for peace and quiet without feeling lonely.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
Which state has the lowest cost of living?

Queensland, Tasmania, and Western Australia have the lowest cost of living in Australia.

Nonetheless, this is not a straightforward question to answer, as there are numerous factors to consider. Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia, is considered the most affordable major city to live in.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
Where do the majority of Australian expats live?

An estimated one-third of Perth’s population is comprised of migrants, making the city incredibly popular with migrants for years. Sydney and Melbourne are also popular destinations, particularly among young professionals.

There is bound to be a social media group where you can connect with fellow expats wherever you are considering moving.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must KnowWhat is the most secure city in Australia?

The 2019 Safe Cities Index by The Economist ranked Sydney as the safest city in Australia and the fifth safest city in the world. Melbourne was ranked tenth that year. Australia is generally regarded as a very secure country in which to reside.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know
Summary of the best places to live in Australia

Australia offers all types of expats the opportunity to live the life they’ve always envisioned due to its size, diversity of land, and lifestyle options.

Your choice of where to settle in Australia will depend on your reasons for moving, but one thing is certain: you will not be disappointed. They have everything they require at home, which is why so many Australians never leave.

The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know

Topic: The 8 Best Places To Live In Australia That You Must Know

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