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I can’t think of a place I’ve been in Scotland that hasn’t been friendly. Wherever you go, people are generally courteous and patient, and they always have time for a conversation. There is no doubt, however, that people in small towns have more time and a more relaxed attitude, which accentuates their friendliness. I can say without a doubt that I’ve always felt very comfortable and welcomed in Scotland, and in small towns that feeling is amplified. Here are my recommendations for the most welcoming small towns to visit in Scotland.

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

1. Helensburgh

Helensburgh, located a short distance up the coast from Glasgow, is surrounded by lochs and rivers and constantly faces the water. There are many community-led events organized by locals for the enjoyment of town residents and visitors. Volunteers make this a wonderful place to visit, which demonstrates how much their community means to them and how proud they are of the warm reception they extend. The Helensburgh and District Access Trust maintains local footpaths such as the Three Lochs Way, and the Friends of Hermitage Park were instrumental in the revitalization of the city park. Helensburgh is renowned for its cherry blossoms, and the town’s trees are the only urban collection included in Scotland’s National Tree Collections. These are maintained by the Helensburgh Tree Conservation Trust, another local organization. There is a weekly book sale in the Community Hub, and there are numerous outstanding local organizations, demonstrating what a welcoming community resides in this area.

There are numerous independent boutiques, including Tweedie, Shooftie, Scandinavian Shop, Amaryllis, and Anne of Loudounville. The Helensburgh Visitor Information Center is located in the heart of the city, in addition to the Highlandman’s Road gift shop and gallery. There are wonderful local independent food stores and artisan producers, such as Artist Patisserie, as well as a twice-monthly market in the town square.

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

2. Dunblane

There are numerous ancient communities in Scotland, but Dunblane must be one of the oldest. This small town was founded in 602 by the Celtic missionary and later saint, St. Blane. Dunblane has the oldest private library, with some books dating back to 1500, as well as the Allan Water bridge, which dates back to the same era. Despite the fact that the town’s appearance has changed significantly and there are few relics from the year 600, Dunblane has the oldest private library, with some books dating back to 1500, and the Allan Water bridge, This community holds its history in high regard. The cathedral, wooded paths, monuments, and museum all contribute to the town’s exploration potential. People and the slow, quiet pace will soon make you feel at home and like you belong.

Andy Murray, a famous tennis player, owns the Cromlix Hotel, which is located near the city. This is his hometown, and he promotes it as a great place to visit in various ways, but opening your own hotel may be the best way. After it was threatened with closure in 2014, he purchased it because it was a special place for his family. It is now a five-star property with a private chapel, loch, 34 acres of grounds, and a magnificent kitchen garden that supplies the Chez Roux restaurant. In addition to allowing pets, the hotel offers tennis lessons, fishing, archery, falconry, and spa treatments.

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

3. Pitlochry

This charming small town has a village-like atmosphere, and the locals appear to be a close-knit community who care deeply about their community and each other. It’s not uncommon to see fairy lights and bunting draped from building to building, giving the impression that the town is always celebrating. Saorsa 1875, the very first vegan hotel in the United Kingdom, caught me off guard despite the village atmosphere. Upon further consideration, it is the ideal location for it. The city makes a point of welcoming all individuals.

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

4. Dunfermline

Dunfermline is one of the most hospitable and welcoming places I have ever visited. I was astonished to discover, upon my first visit approximately fifteen years ago, that this small, quiet town has such a rich history and such kind people. The volunteers in the abbey, who know everything about their abbey, will talk to you as long as you’re willing to listen and will point out all the details in the stained glass windows that you would otherwise miss. There are twelve Scottish kings and queens buried here, including Robert the Bruce, making this the smallest royal cemetery I’ve ever visited. Despite the lack of fanfare, this is an extremely significant historical site. In nearby Abbott House, the guides provide personalized tours and are happy to recommend restaurants and other attractions.

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

5. Portree

In Portree, on the Isle of Skye, friendliness appears to be a way of life. The island’s inhabitants are accustomed to visitors, but the island and its inhabitants have retained the small-town appeal that visitors adore. It is common for locals driving by to stop and offer rides to anyone they see walking along the road, and they will converse with you the entire way. Perhaps the awe-inspiring landscape and breathtaking views contribute to the friendliness of the locals. When I returned to my room after a chilly evening at a bed and breakfast, the landlady had placed a warm hot water bottle in my bed. Such thoughtful gestures are what make visitors feel so welcome

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

6. Gourock

Gourock’s history as a day-trip destination from Glasgow is evident everywhere. This is a town with a ferry port, and the ferry sails in and out with a beautiful grace, but the waterfront is still littered with ice cream stands and tourist shops that tell tales of its former self. The promenade is now a tranquil place to stroll, and while this is no longer a bustling seaside resort, the town retains its historical spirit. Gourock has one of Scotland’s only three remaining outdoor public swimming pools, and it remains a popular attraction. This heated pool is conveniently located by the ocean, so you can swim while listening to the waves crash on the beach below.

Original Artists Gift Shop recently won an award for being the best gift retailer in Scotland. That is quite an accomplishment for a gift shop in this small town that is both friendly and diverse. Lisa Keogh, the store’s proprietor, has been there for 25 years. This is not only due to the incredible gift selection and personalized service, but also to the warm and inviting atmosphere of this charming little shop.

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

7. Kenmore

The Kenmore Hotel in Kenmore, Perth, is Scotland’s oldest inn. The town is situated on the banks of Loch Tay and is home to some of Scotland’s most breathtaking scenery, as well as welcoming residents. Robert Burns composed an original poem inspired by the hospitality he received at the hotel’s Poets Bar, where guests are always welcome. The poem can be found above the fireplace, and the hospitality is still as warm and welcoming as Robbie remembered. The Scottish Crannog Centre is a reconstructed thatched house made of wood that stands on stilts above the water and depicts life in the area 2,500 years ago. As a tourist attraction, it’s fairly unique, and you’ll discover that the locals are as welcoming as ever.

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

8. Dunkeld

Dunkeld, in Perthshire, is yet another wonderful and welcoming town. The cathedral is now part ruin and part parish church, which distinguishes it as unusual and suggests that this was once a much larger community — perhaps even a city. The impressive sarcophagus of the Wolf of Badenoch, Earl of Buchan, is buried here, and despite its age, it is in relatively good condition. Perhaps Dunkeld tamed the infamously ferocious and merciless in battle old wolf. The town’s colorful little houses were constructed in the 1700s to house the locals, and it is this spirit of community and togetherness that continues to make this such a welcoming place.

8 Friendliest Small Towns To Visit In Scotland

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