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est things to do in Amsterdam in the rain? Read below for some instagrammable, historical and edible things to do in Amsterdam! We really had a downpour recently in Amsterdam. December is a lovely time to go to the Netherlands but unfortunately the weather isn’t always the best. However, there are plenty of Christmas markets and it really is beautiful and festive! I’lll also be telling you where to stay, from budget, to house boat to luxury! And a top trick to save serious money on accommodation – where to stay near Amsterdam to pay a quarter of the price!

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Best things to do in Amsterdam in the rain??

1. Head to WONDR Experience!

This is definitely the MOST instagrammable place I’ve ever been to! It is literally set up for fun, photos and suitable for all ages! I actually saw this place on Instagram, and as we arrived into Amsterdam the rain started to come down heavily. First, we took shelter in Primark and then I thought to go straight here!

What to do in amsterdam in the rain? Visit this instagrammable interactive space!

How to get here?

We got an Uber from the central station and it was around 15 Euro for the trip. WONDR is on the outskirts of an industrial park. The journey should take maximum 10 minutes from the central station. WONDR is located in Amsterdam North. You can easily get the metro or ferry, as it is across the river. As I said it was POURING, so we went for the Uber option! Once you arrive, you can’t miss the huge pink building in front of you!

Head to the huge ball pit in Amsterdam in the rain!

How much does it cost?

It is 25 Euro per adult and there are special sessions for adults with children under 10 years old. It is mainly based around adults! But of course is very fun for children.

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What to do here?

There are lots of different rooms here, each with different interiors and interactive stations. My favourite room is the one where everything appears to be in 2D and you feel as though you are inside a painting! Then there is a room with karaoke boxes! My other favourite room was the confetti shower room, and of course the giant ballpit! There was also a special Christmas themed room as I was here in December. I won’t ruin the surprises anymore, just go and see for yourselves!

Get dressed up at WONDR while it rains in Amsterdam!

Vivien and Sophie!

Should you take a camera?

I took one! But it was also a bit of a pain to carry around. However, there are spaces to put it down and if you go on a weekday it can be not busy at all. Some rooms we were even in by ourselves. You have to leave your bag in the lockers provided, so make sure you only take what you need, as it is also a one way system once you are inside. Also, when you enter, you write down your email address where you get a QR code to scan. With this code, you can scan it at one of the points where there are cameras inside. These photos then get sent straight to your email. You can also pay to print the photos at the end.

They also have some flamingo cupcakes at WONDR!

They also have delicious cupcakes!

2. Treat your tastebuds at the Avocado Show

If you love avocado then this place is a must. Everything on the menu consists of avocado, and usually a whole one in total! And yes, the burger buns really are halves of an avocado! It is also the perfect place for any meal of the day. You can get an all day breakfast here with their avocado toast with poached eggs. Or you can opt for one of the avocado burgers, which look divine! My personal favourite is the ‘Truffle Treasure’ toast. This consists of cajun chicken, an avocado fan, truffle mayo and parmesan. If you don’t like avocado, I would avoid this place. Unfortunately one of my friends I took here wasn’t a fan, and the least avocadoey meal on the menu was tortilla chips, which I wouldn’t recommend, bland and tasteless! They also have poke bowls and pancakes.

How to get here?

There are quite a few of these now as they have become very popular! There is one in the de Pijp area and some closer to the centre of Amsterdam. We walked back to Amsterdam central station from the one on Keizersgracht and it only took around 30 minutes. It is also a nice walk back along the canals.

Where to eat in Amsterdam in the rain? Avocado Show!

Average food price?

For a toast, expect to pay around 10-11 Euros. The burgers are around 15 Euro. They also have cocktails, smoothies and even matcha latte if you like that! I personally went for the Chai latte as that is my favourite! Again, don’t go if you’re not keen on avocado, but if you do then it’s great. Also very instagrammable interiors!

3. Experience modern and street art at Moco Museum

If you are a fan of Banksy then you have to go here! Moco Museum will definitely get you thinking, and appreciating lots of modern and street art. I recently watched a documentary about the man who stole Banksy, whereby a few Palestinians cut out a 4 tonne wall that Banksy’s art was on. There are people making a lot of money off these artworks, but it was also amazing to see these pieces all in one place. I have never stumbled across a Banksy so it was great to see some pieces. The Banksy exhibition is on until April 2020. You’ll also find pieces by Warhol, Basquiat, Haring and Koons. There are also some spaces here that are totally transformed. There are some rooms that are one whole exhibition, where the walls are covered and it’s much more interactive.

Head to Moco Museum to see some Banksy street art

How to get here?

Moco Museum is located on Museumplein. In the rain I would recommend getting the metro which stops nearby.

How much does it cost?

There was a huge queue for people without tickets, so I would recommend to buy them online before you arrive. You get a 20% discount, making an adult ticket 14 Euro. However, a top tip is to check their Instagram page! Here, I found a 2-4-1 code, so we paid half the price! Just scroll through a few photos to check if there are any codes, you never know.

Top Tips?

  • Download the app for extras! We downloaded the app while we were here and you can see some of the artworks come to life and move!
  • Don’t rush out of the exit, there is another room just after the gift shop, and there are even more sculptures to see outside in the gardens after you exit!

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4. Eat your way through the multiple cheese shops!

For a great free thing to do in Amsterdam in the rain, just hide in every cheese shop you see along the way. The Netherlands have some of the most amazing cheeses so you really must try some while you are in Amsterdam. They have all the usual cheese as well as some weird and wonderful! Try the green and red pesto cheeses, as well as the lavender cheese! The brighter the colour, the more exciting the flavour. Of course, you can also buy some cheese, and you will most likely be tempted to!

Average prices?

For an average block of cheese, it was around 8-11 Euro. They are all divine, so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth it. There are so many testers though, that you can definitely make the right decision once you’ve tried them all.

5. Try some vegan calamari at the Vegan Junkfood Bar!

I am not vegan but a friend I was in Amsterdam with was vegan so we thought we would try the menu here! The interior is very funky and the food is just as experimental. Definitely head here if you are vegan, and it not, just to see what great vegan food tastes like.

What to eat?

The fried ‘Kalimariz’ rings are the vegan calamari, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. They come with a garlic sauce. I would recommend getting a few dishes to try. The sweet potato fries were divine, but also the chickpea fries are worth a try! They have some crazy coloured burger buns that you also have to try. Then if you’re hungry, try the shawarma, I couldn’t tell it wasn’t meat! They also have an amazing range of desserts, all totally vegan! Then some overpriced coconuts at €7.50. Same price as the truffle chickpea chips..

Where is it?

This very trendy restaurant is in the De Pijp area. There are also two others so take your pick! It was quite busy when we arrived, but as far as I know you can’t reserve. Maybe avoid the weekends here!

Average price?

  • Truffle chickpea sticks – €7.95
  • Fried Kalamariz rings (x10) €8.95
  • Crispy lemon Shrimp (x5) €9.50

6. Visit the Anne Frank House

For a dose of history, head to the Anne Frank House. It really is a very interesting museum. You may need to do something to cheer yourself up after though. Anne Frank was a young girl who wrote a compelling diary about her Time hiding in a small annexe with her family during the war.

How to get here?

The Anne Frank house is located in central Amsterdam on a canal road called Prinsengracht. It is easy to walk here from the centre.

Amsterdam in the rain once it clears!

How much does it cost?

An adult ticket is €10.50.

7. Head to the Rijksmuseum

This is the biggest museum here! The impressive exterior is just a start at what lies inside. It is the Dutch national museum, full of art work and history, from the middle ages to the current day. Here you can find pieces by Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer. There are 80 different rooms to explore.

How to get here?

Very easy from Amsterdam Central just hop on the tram or metro!

How much does it cost?

An adult ticket is around €19. Always check for online discounts.

Arty things to do in Amsterdam in the rain

8. Explore the Van Gogh Museum

If you are a Van Gogh fan then head here ASAP. This is the largest Van Gogh collection in the world.

How to get here?

The Van Gogh museum is located on Museumplein, nearby Moco Museum and Rijksmuseum.

How much does it cost?

Tickets are €19 and free for those under 18.

Top Tips for visiting Amsterdam

Get a metro/tram ticket for the day!

Get a day ticket, so you can take as many train rides as you like in the rain! I have been to Amsterdam a few times before in September and had beautiful weather. However, both times I’ve been in December it has been a bit rainy!

Wander around and enjoy the architecture! Sophie taking a photo of a building

Sophie taking a photo of the architecture!

Take a canal tour to see the city from the water

Alternatively, if it’s raining, hide in a canal boat. There are lovely tours that go here. Also, if you are in Amsterdam in December then there are beautiful light shows on that are stunning from the water.

Food you must try while in the Netherlands!

In December:

Olliebollen – These are deep fried dough balls covered in icing sugar – divine

Applebol – Same as above but with cinammon/apple/raisin filling

Apple beignet – A cooked slice of apple covered in a thin pastry with lots of sugar

Pepernoten – Small dutch cookies – just try them!

Try some traditional Dutch food!

Apple beignet – a must try!

Where to stay in Amsterdam?


StayOkay Hostel

This is a great renovated hostel!

Under €100 per night


A house boat!

This is such a unique place to stay it is really a must!

€100 per night

For long stay/ more expensive

The Wittenberg

This is for people who want an apartment and a place to live while they are in Amsterdam.

For people who want to save every penny – Stay in Overveen!

We wanted to save as much as we could on our latest trip to Amsterdam, and I also really wanted to visit Haarlem. Unfortunately both Amsterdam and Haarlem are super expensive. I found a cute AirBnb in someone’s out house in Overveen. It was just one station away from Haarlem and 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. It was definitely worth the train journey to pay €50 BETWEEN us a night!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on what to do in Amsterdam in the rain! Remember to head to WONDR for a day of fun and games. Moco Museum for your street art fix. Then Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House for a bit of history. Then Van Gogh museum for the traditional art lovers. For food and to escape the rain, Avocado Show and Vegan Junkfood bar are a must try!


By Lala