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Class 2-3 Kayaking Courses on the River Lech in Tyrol, Austria. Kajakkurs im Wildwasser 2-3 auf dem Lech in Tirol, Österreich.

Austria in June has a lot of exciting things and festivals to enjoy. All things will excite you to book a long trip in Austria with family and friends. From the amusement parks to dinosaur parks to the world’s largest ice cave, everything is so much adventurous to make you fall in love with Austria in June. Moreover, modern Austria has Europe’s museums, old imperial glory, Alpine mountain, contemporary architecture and classical art and music are very attractive and gives an elegant look. With such a massive range of snow-capped mountains, this place has incomparable natural beauty and charm.

Weather In Austria In June


Planning a trip to Austria is recommended throughout the year. From skiing in snow in the winter to adventure activities of hiking with an ideal climate in summer, Austria has something to offer something in every weather. However, visiting Austria in June (summer month) attracts most of the tourists. The weather is warm and sunny during the daytime and remains consistent throughout the day. During summer, the temperature varies between 17°C and 22°C.

You will find the best weather in this month. Especially if you are in planning to chill out in the cities of Salzburg and Vienna, then don’t miss June month trip in Austria.

Since you experience long days in the summer, you can cover some places in a single day itself, which is a bonus if you are on a short trip.

Why You Should Visit Austria In June


The month of June for Austria is the high period for the sports enthusiasts as you can enjoy hiking, mountain-biking and swimming in the lake nearby mountains there.

If you visit Austria in June, then along with the beauty of this country, you will enjoy some of the most exciting festivals, especially pop music events.

Popular Events And Festivals In June

1. Danube Island Festival


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Vienna celebrates the Danube Island Festival, a party hub along with 3 million tourists. Musicians from all over the world perform concerts which are loved by people a lot. Unlimited food and drinks add more enjoyment.

2. Rainbow Festival

rainbow festival

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Rainbow festival is celebrated as a get together of all kinds of people, where people come together as a family and share their experiences, cook together, sing and have a great time together.

3. Salzburg Festival

salzburg festival

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Every summer, Austria celebrates the Salzburg Festival, which is one of the most prominent music, drama and concert festivals. More than 206 performances win the heart of tourists.

Budget For Traveling To Austria In June

Munich On A Budget

If we talk about the budget for the Austria Trip, as Austria in June is the best time to visit and many families travel here to enjoy their vacations, the prices are a little higher. In the daytime, lunchtime, meals are not much expensive and can save your money. However, restaurants can be quite expensive during dinner hours.

Also, if you are looking to enjoy hiking, swimming activities and music concerts, the tickets can increase your budget slightly. On average, a visitor spends around €106 per day so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

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5 Places To Visit In Austria In June

For an unforgettable experience, don’t forget to fill your vacation bucket with these five places to visit in Austria in June. Anyone who is looking to explore the natural beauty and historical relevance, these places are the most popular among the tourist in the summer season.

1. Vienna


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Vienna is the capital of Austria and the most beautiful place enriched with culture, history and royal buildings. With plenty of artistic skills and perfect life quality, Vienna is an all-round destination to visit in Austria. Moreover, the city is full of music lovers. International singers, live music concerts, and entertainment, you can’t miss this attractive place.

2. Salzburg


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Another charming city surrounded by green meadows, historical buildings, Churches and ice caves, this place has everything to offer. The city enjoys more than 4000 cultural events every year. So, Salzburg is a must visiting place for the nature lovers to capture all the stunning views of greenery.

3. Bregenz


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Bregenz is located on the shores of the lake, offers incredible views of the German Alps. It is a great place in Austria to refresh your day with the lake view. Hiking and meal with a view at the mountaintop restaurant are the most popular among tourists.

4. Zell Am See

Zell Am See

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The blue lake of Zell Am See is such a heart- stealer place to visit in Austria in June. You can spend a relaxing day in front of a deep blue lake. Also, cycling along the lake and swimming is the most thriller experience tourists love to enjoy.

5. Hoher Dachstein

Hoher Dachstein

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Take a trip to one of Austria’s most visited places, Hoher Dachstein. It is also known as the “three-state mountain.” The mountain is very popular for skywalk and rock climbers in the summer month. Don’t miss to visit the Ski- & Snowboardschule Tritscher

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5 Things To Do In Austria In June

Austria is a top-rated destination, and the best thing is that the summer of this country is exciting as much the winters are. There are lots of activities to try in Austria in June.

1. Skiing In Arlberg

Skiing and Tyre

The Ski Club Arlberg is one of the famous ski clubs in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you would love to skiing in Arlberg. The place is embedded with the long mountain range and endless amazing slopes that wins you over.

2. Cycle The Danube

cycle tour in shimla

Cycling activities are primarily reserved for the summer folks. Along with the Danube trails, there any plenty of cycling routes via some fantastic vineyards. The landscape surroundings will give you a breathtaking experience.

3. Rock Climbing

Man Climbing Rock

There are endless climbing opportunities in Austria. Hochschwab is one of the favourite spots for rock climbing in Austria. It is around 3 hours from Vienna. Gather a few friends together and go for an adventure experience among the high mountain ranges.

4. Winter Hiking In Eisriesenwelt

hiking in snow

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The summer month of Austria offers you to enjoy the cold weather with the ice cave. Austria’s ice cave is 42 km long, the biggest cave in the world.

5. Kayaking


If you are looking for kayaking or rafting, then Austria has the best whitewater. The water of Oetz, the Swiss rivers, is perfect for spending your summer weather of Austria in whitewater.


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