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Klagenfurt, the capital of the state of Carinthia, has a privileged location in southern Austria near the border with Slovenia. The city was founded in 1161 as a market and still has its old atmosphere, with picturesque passages, historic buildings and ancient fortifications that surround the old part of the city, The city has also an old ditch and the canal built in 1558. The tourist attractions of Klagenfurt include a range of exhibitions, gardens, and trendy shops.

1. Hochosterwitz Castle

Hochosterwitz Castle, located 160 meters above the town of Lündorf, 21 km northeast of Klagenfurt, is one of the most impressive castles in Austria. It was founded in 860 and was for centuries the frontline between Europe and the Ottoman Empire. The prominent features include the winding road and large gates with a number of fourteen gates each with a name and a beautiful courtyard. In addition to an old church dating back to 1570. Visitors can explore the castle through guided tours. The tour includes visits to historic houses decorated with valuable furniture and paintings as well as a weapons store.

2. Pilgrimage Church of Maria Saal

The Pilgrimage Church of Maria Saal (also called Cathedral of Maria Saal) is one of the most important religious monuments in the state of Carinthia. It is situated on a hill 10 km north of Klagenfurt. The current Gothic structure dates back to the 15th century on the site of an ancient church built in 750 AD. The Pilgrimage Church of Maria Saal includes the old trees and valuable religious paintings date back to 1490. The church has wonderful outdoor surroundings, which attract tourists to have a tour there to enjoy seeing the Austrian architecture representing in the structure of the church.

3. Neuer Platz

Neuer Platz s is the newest part of Klagenfurt and home to the most famous historical dragon fountain, where the ancient city was said to have been inhabited by the dragon. This monument was built by the artist Ulrich Vogelsang in 1590 and the iron wall around it was added in 1636. The Neuer Platz including the Dragon Fountain is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Klagenfurt.

4. Landhaus

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The Landhaus, built-in 1574 on the site of the ancient castle of the Duke of Menschen, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Klagenfurt. The building features two towers, an impressive dome, and a beautiful courtyard. It contains the Great Implum Hall, built in 1740 and painted by Jeff Frummeller including 665 coats of arms belonging to some of the nobles of Carinthia, while the smaller hall contains 298 additional coats of arms.

5. Minimundus

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The Minimundus is one of the remarkable tourist attractions in the state of Carinthia, opened in 1958 to the west of Klagenfurt. The Minimundus is a mini-town featuring models of some of the most famous buildings around the world, including the Statue of Liberty and the Tower of London, as well as a model of the NASA space shuttle launch site and many trains around the site. The Minimundus has an area of 26,000 m². A short walk distance from Minimundus is located a reptile park with more than 1000 snakes, lizards, and others.

6. Wörthersee Lake

Wörthersee Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the city of Klagenfurt. In Lake Worther Symen, tourists can take a boat ride, practice hunting, golfing, hiking and other activities. The area of the lake is 16 km long and 85m deep. It is characterized by clear green color in the summer and freezing in the winter. The lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps. Due to its wonderful nature and attractive atmosphere, many tourists visit this lake to enjoy seeing its beautiful sights.

7. Klagenfurt Cathedral

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The Klagenfurt Cathedral ( also Known as the church of Saints Peter and Paul) is one of the tourist attractions in the city of Klagenfurt. The Cathedral was built in 1581 by the Protestants. Many Austrian Christians come to this Cathedral to practice their religious beliefs. Moreover, the Cathedral has several tourists every year who come to enjoy seeing the Protestant’s architecture based on the structure of this Church.

8. Viktring Abbey

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The Viktring Abbey is one of the tourist destinations in the city of Klagenfurt, and a former Cistercian monastery in Austria. The Viktring Abbey was built in 1142 by Cistercians. This abbey is considered as one of the largest abbeys in Austria. Many tourists visit this Abbey to enjoy seeing its beautiful structure dating back to Austrian Gothic architecture.

9. Landesmuseum

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The Landesmuseum is one of the most important museums in the city of Klagenfurt. The museum is today Carinthia’s largest multi-branch museum with numerous departments and branch offices. It is a natural science and cultural studies as well as art history leading company with a pioneering role and international standards in the areas of research, mediation, and preservation of objects. The Museum is a cultural memory of Carinthia and dealing with the culture of the past and present as well as future developments.

10. Reptilienzoo Happ

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The Reptilienzoo Happ is full of exotic and wonderful creatures from all over the world, some of which are peaceful, while others are wild and can only be seen behind a thick glass wall. The species include poisonous spiders, grass snakes, cobra, scorpions, and turtles, as well as a fish pond that houses local fish. The park is surrounded by an area displaying dinosaur models as well as a pet park dedicated to young pioneers. Thus, the Reptilienzoo Happ is one of the most visited attractions for Reptile lovers, and it is one of the tourist destinations in the city of Klagenfurt.

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There are many tourist attractions in the city of Klagenfurt because the city’s rich history offers us the finest pictures of its architecture. The classical music in Klagenfurt is enjoyable and the various art shows, as well as the festivals of Klagenfurt. Moreover, the green lands of the city with wonderful atmosphere make the city one of the tourist destinations around the world. Thus, if you visit the city of Klagenfurt, you will be lucky to see its wonderful tourist attractions.


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