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Coming to Portugal and not tasting the country’s signature drinks is like visiting Italy and trying not to stuff your face with pizza. Sure, we might be famous for our outstanding corks and football skills, but there’s something you should also know about Portugal: we love our bohemian lifestyle and our Dionysus’s beverages!

And if you’re visiting Porto, chances are that you’ve heard about Port Wine and its wonders. However, in this post we excluded this drink in order to focus on some more unknown options.

Here are 5 Portuguese/ Porto Drinks to Try at Least Once:

#1 – Vinho Verde

porto drinks Vinho Verde
Vinho Verde

Photo by: oportoblog

Produced in the Vinho Verde Wine Region, which covers Porto and other cities in the north, this sparkly and fresh wine is very light and absolutely perfect for summer days. For a flawless experience, give it a go at our top brands/producers such as Deu-la-Deu, Quinta de Linhares or Quinta das Pereirinhas and we assure you will not be disappointed. Be careful though, the wine might go down smoothly but you’ll start feeling its “kick” before you know it. Good luck standing up straight!

#2 – Super Bock

porto drinks super bock
Super Bock

Photo by: Raphael Alvim

And now a little something for our beer lovers. You might notice there are lots of beer brands that you can choose from while in Porto. However, if you want to be perceived as part of the northern Portuguese community, you should only ask for one beer: Super Bock. Produced in our beautiful city, Super Bock is the perfect companion for a hot summer’s day or for a cold winter’s night – it’s never a bad day for a great beer. Also, keep in mind that due to the strong regional rivalry one should never EVER ask for a Sagres (“the south’s brand”) while in Porto. You’ll have the waiter probably rolling his eyes at you (or kicking you out the door depending on his mood for that day).

#3 – Licor De Merda

porto drinks licor de merda
Licor De Merda

Photo by: Joana Peres

Before you stop reading this post and block our page’s content, just let us say that the name of this beverage has no relationship what-so-ever with the drink’s ingredients, you can rest assured! Translated as Shit Liquor, we understand this might very well be the worst name in the history of names, however, once you learn the story behind this Portuguese drink, you might just change your mind about it! Invented as an homage to the political class and its members (thus the name) after the 1974 revolution, this is the drink that perfectly portrays the Portuguese’s ability to satirize. Made with milk (its main ingredient), vanilla, cinnamon, sugar and citrus fruits, the end product is pretty sweet and quite delicious – and the only kind of shit you will ever want to deal with!

#4 – Ginjinha De Óbidos

porto drinks ginjinha
Ginjinha De Óbidos

Photo by: oportoblog

This strong and bittersweet flavoured liquor is a staple of the Portuguese drinking scene. Made from ginjas – a berry fruit very similar in taste and look to cherries – this dark-red coloured drink can be served in chocolate shot cups, or in regular glass ones with fruits in the bottom. Even though this is considered a Portuguese drink and not specifically a Porto drink, you can still find it in most street markets and other traditional events. For instance, if you’re planning on visiting Porto this May, be sure to try this delicious drink during the Senhor de Matosinhos Festivities by the beach.

#5 – Licor Beirão

porto drinks beirao
Licor de Beirao

Photo by: oportoblog

Created in Lousã, a small village in the countryside, this sweet liquor – made with cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender – is one of Portugal’s most popular. Famous for its unique flavour and remarkably funny marketing campaigns, this is the perfect drink for you to cap off your filling local meal. You can find it in every bar or restaurant that serves drinks, and even in some supermarkets (why not take one home as a souvenir?). And remember: always have it with ice!

And that’s it! Next time someone mentions Portugal and the Portuguese we hope this drinks will pop to your memory right next to Cristiano Ronald, Spain, Algarve and corks. Have you tried some of this before?



By Lala