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Hallstatt im Sommer

Hallstatt – A Calm Morning in a Fairytale Austrian Village

The moment we drove into Hallstatt we though we entered a fairytale. Perfect alpine landscapes surround the area. Huge, dramatic mountains rise above the cobblestone streets, colourful houses, charming cafés, ornated churches, and Alpine inns is the scenery of this unique town. The peaks reflection on the calm, deep blue waters of Lake Hallstatt and morning fog flowing just above the surface intensify the impression that we were in a dream. But Hallstatt is real and visited by 2 million people each year. We are usually sceptical about famous places, as often their hype exceeds the reality, but this village is nothing less than magnificently located in a true fantasyland. Visit with us Hallstatt on foot and by boat.

Hallstatt on foot

Hallstatt is a relatively small town, closed to outside traffic and must be explored by foot. No regrets here, as it’s one of the reasons why it’s so charming. Walk along the lake and take few stops to admire the views. Wander through the tiny streets, past Church of Christ tower. This Evangelical church was established in the 18th century. It’s one of the most recognizable sights of Hallstatt and is equally beautiful: from up close and afar.

Walk all the way nearly to the edge of the city, to the famous view point. This panorama is a popular postcard picture-perfect view. From here you have the perfect view of the town, the lake and surrounding mountains.

Hallstatt by boat

Cruising Lake Hallstatt on a small, electric wooden boat is definitely one of the highlights. There are boat rentals nearly everywhere along the lake. It costs 13 EUR for 30 min. That’s enough time to cruise around, view the town from lake point and take some pictures.

 Fact : Hallstatt is known for its World’s First Salt Mine and the stunning salt caves which can be visited by tourists.

Practical info

Getting to Hallstatt

The town is located between Salzburg and Graz. The easiest way of getting there is by car. It’s a bit over an hour drive from Salzburg and 3,5h from the Austrian capital, Vienna.

There is also the possibility to arrive by train. From the main line between Salzburg and Vienna, get off at Attnang-Puchheim. From there take another train directed to Obertraun Dachsteinhöhlen Bahnhof. Get off at Steeg-Gosau Bahnhof. Finally, take bus 542 all the way to Hallstatt.

How long to stay

Hallstatt is a small town and can be visited in only 1 or 2h. Of course you can stay longer, even a few days and enjoy the peacefulness of this area.

Where to stay

We visited the town during a month-long eurotrip in our car. We parked our car on this small parking lot with spectacular views, just outside of the city. It was a very peaceful night, followed by incredible morning, when we woke up to the scenery covered in fog and morning light.

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Unfortunately there are limited accommodations in Hallstatt due to it’s small size and most of them are rather expensive. Try to book in advance- especially during the summer, all rooms can be sold out for weeks. Check for best rates.


By Lala