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While everyone knows of the Scottish Highlands and national parks, this time, we suggest you focus on the lakes. There are several beautiful ones you should visit while vacationing, and we are here to tell you which ones. 


Loch Awe

The name is quite self-explanatory. With a bit of a grim and mysterious vibe so well-fitting with Scotland’s aesthetic, Loch Awe is located in the lovely village of Argyll and Bute. Actually, the lake accentuates the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, which you can reach by car or several trains.

Even with easy accessibility, Loch Awe remains relatively unexplored and overlooked by tourists. So, you will probably not see a lot of people around, but that will only add serenity to your whole experience.

Beautiful Lakes in Scotland - Loch Awe


Loch Ness

Well, this goes without saying. Undoubtedly, the most famous and visited lake in Scotland, Loch Ness, awaits your curious eye, as well. Though shrouded in legends and stories of sea monsters, the lake is actually a lovely place to spend time. You can pack a picnic or simply take a long walk around, just to enjoy the charming Lochend or Urquhart Castle nearby.

Over the years, Loch Ness attracted numerous monster hunters looking for the allegedly terrifying sea serpent, Nessie. Some of the Scottish folk still believe the tales of the monster, even though there is no hard evidence. Still, talk to someone about it – the stories are fascinating.

Beautiful Lakes in Scotland - Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle


Loch Lomond

Remember those national parks we mentioned? Well, there are actually only two of them in Scotland, one being Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. Our biggest inland water in Great Britain is a part of it, though you probably already figured it out by the name. A tour around the perimeter might take a while, so make sure you have the whole afternoon to enjoy the scenic locations and beautiful clear veneer.

Beautiful Lakes in Scotland - Loch Lomond


Loch Shiel

Just a short distance away from the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, Loch Shiel is bounded by wild and rough scenery, with steep mountains all around. Truly, one of the most stunning lakes in Scotland, Shiel is quite popular among tourists and even has a bit of interesting history with it.

The Lake is historically associated with the Macdonald clan, the oldest and most prominent Scotland clan. Actually, for more than 400 years, Clan Macdonald has ruled over the West Highlands and the Hebrides. One of their oldest castles still technically controls Loch Shiel. Do some research about that, then head to see the whole territory.

Beautiful Lakes in Scotland - Loch Shiel


Loch Katrine

Another one with a beautiful name and interesting dramatic history behind it, Loch Katrine is an example of unspoiled Scottish charm and folktales.

Recognisable from Sir Walter Scott’s novels and poems, over time, Loch Katrine took on a lot of beautiful and sometimes quite scary stories. Lots of them are about its surroundings and deep mysterious waters, legends explaining its origins, or magical tales of the lake through the years.

The main aspect of its popularity, though, is in the fact that it was once the main water supply for Glasgow city and was home to Queen Victoria’s Gothic cottage.

Beautiful Lakes in Scotland - Loch Katrine


Try to include the lakes in your itinerary. Due to close quarters, you can visit all the lakes mentioned in one, maybe two trips. Just make sure you have enough time and comfortable transport for it. Good luck!


By Lala