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“The best coffee!”, “the coolest location!”… we have responded to these calls and are taking a closer look at a handful of cafés in Klagenfurt. Anyone who thinks that you trendy places can only be found in Vienna is very much mistaken: You will come across the full range here, from the charm of a traditional coffee house to hipster flair. The average daily consumption in Austria is three cups, but we will make an exception today by drinking six. A résumé.

1. Café Ingeborg

Big city vibe in the Sterneckstraße. The laws of space and time are somewhat out of joint here. Sipping an aperitif in this little café on the corner makes you feel like you’re in Italy, and an afternoon coffee with friends has a touch of the Berlin hipster feeling. Occasionally, the boss puts on some chill beats to create a cosy lounge atmosphere. Café Ingeborg offers a colourful mix of everything and yet still remains clean and chic. This light-hearted approach to life is inspiring: we linger and peruse the newspaper, entirely devoid of stress. As if it were 1970.

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2. Stadtcafé

Cosy ambience and friendly service – that’s the Stadtcafé Klagenfurt. The feel-good café operated by Diakonie de La Tour is located in the inner courtyard of the “Goldener Brunnen” hotel, very close to the Benedictine Market and the cathedral. The pleasant arcade atmosphere is not the only appealing feature: Thanks to its integrative appraoch to vocational training, the Stadtcafé gives apprentices from the Diakonie de La Tour the opportunity to receive a solid grounding for catering professions in accordance with their individual needs. That, and we love the coffee!

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3. Das schwarze Schaf (the black sheep)

Vienna, Slovenia and Salzburg served as inspiration, and now avocado sandwiches and açai bowls are available in Klagenfurt’s Herrengasse as well, specifically at the Black Sheep. We drink matcha lattes and enjoy the bright restaurant with its high walls, jewel-coloured furnishings and Scandinavian décor, feeling a bit like “Carinthia’s Next Influencers”. Everything is prepared lovingly and served in pretty glasses and bowls. Our verdict: Anyone with a black chalkboard can’ t be anything but hip.

4. Lendhafencafé LC

Situated at the heart of the creative and artists’ quarter we find the LC. We have long known and loved it as a pub with a quaint courtyard. Alternative vibes and conversations with endearingly quirky characters are no rarity here. Those meeting here are either geared to relaxation or are engaged in boisterous discussions. There is only one thing you won’t find here: frenzied stress. We recommend that you allow a bit more than 10 minutes. By the way, in the summer months, the LC runs a covered bar with a stage in the Lendhafen itself, where you can enjoy concerts, literary readings and the sunset while relaxing in the open-air.

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5. Café Lichtspiel

Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, India: This tiny café right next to the Volkskino cinema has the best beans from all over the world so you can enjoy your coffee to the max. A special five-kilo roasting machine processes the beans in a special and gentle manner. But apart from the delicious café aromas, we can smell something else when we enter this small family-run business: Desserts. They are home-baked and are just as international as the café. What about a Portuguese Pasteis de Nata to go with your espresso, for example?

6. Tavernakel

If you are tired after your shopping trip, but don’t want to join the hubbub of the Alten Platz, you will find this to be a good spot. Brightly coloured seat covers, cobblestones and the ringing of church bells invite you to unwind. In the summer, the small café on the corner expands to include an outdoor seating area in the church courtyard; if you fancy savouring your coffee in the midday sun, there’s no better place. For rainy weather, we recommend one of the highly sought-after seats in the window alcove. The bistro with its Spanish flair is best described as rustic and animated. If you’ re in a hurry, you can also get smoothies at from a cart in the alley. The dishes are characterised by their high quality. That is why we are treating ourselves to a salmon bagel after drinking our sixth coffee.

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By Lala