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Almost everyone in Amsterdam enjoys cycling despite the weather. So don’t be surprised if you see Dutch people cycling to work in the winter. So when you will be in Amsterdam you have to take a bike tour through the city streets. You will fell like a local.
Amsterdam is a city filled with bridges, and one of the commonly photographed is the Bridge of 15 Bridges with a great view to further arches, one after the other.  You should take the photos at night when they are all lit up.

Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam attracts art lovers. The famous Rijksmuseum is a true temple of art. The beautifully designed building which houses the museum is going to amaze you. Right next door, you will find the Vincent van Gogh Museum – with the richest collection of paintings by this great painter! The third museum is the Stedelijk Museumplein Square, with a collection of major European modern artworks.

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Vondelpark has become popular among locals as a place to meet friends and relax. It’s another attraction that you must seeThe park, located near the art museums, is a great place to rest and recover before the remaining part of your visit. The lakethe romantic gazebo, and the rose garden provide excellent conditions. Interestingly, the park is often compared to Central Park in New York.

One of the top tourist attraction is the free ferry that runs every few minutes to the northern district, Amsterdam Noord is yet another attraction. Tourists enjoy visiting this particular district as it hosts the highest swing in Europe, hung almost 100 meters above the ground. Are you brave enough to use it? A windmill is the most classic Dutch symbol, so while in Amsterdam Noord, head to Windmill D’Admiraal, a wooden windmill with over 200 years of history.


Zaandam, a small town just outside Amsterdam, is an interesting place combining Dutch culture and tradition. The center of Zaandam attracts attention with its interesting architecture, especially the Inntel Hotel, which looks like a huge pile of separate houses. The hotel’s distinctive facade in four shades of green refers to the color scheme of traditional buildings in this part of the Netherlands. The architects and town planners make sure to integrate the modern designs into the atmosphere of Zaandam. The wooden facades of the buildings, shops, and houses are painted in various shades of green and the windows are decorated with white cornices – features responsible for this city’s uniqueness. It is thing to do on a romantic trip.

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The idyllic atmosphere of the Dutch countryside can be also felt in Zaanse Schans, near the center of Zaandam. This is an open-air museum of windmills that were brought here from all over the Netherlands. The old houses are open to the public and many of them host cute shops selling products just as the ones they used to sell 100 years ago, such as wooden boots, among other things. The entire area is surrounded by water and connected with bridges, providing an amazing backdrop for romantic photos. The fact that the famous painter Claude Monet painted 24 paintings here proves that Zaandam is amazing.

Flight to Amsterdam 


You want see more places on a romantic weekend for two? The Lise it’s thing to do! Can you believe that this small town is visited by thousands of tourists every year? We are discussing Lisse, a town famous for its Keukenhof Garden, one of the biggest springtime attractions in the Netherlands. Over 500 gardeners arrange about seven million flower bulbs – mainly tulips, but also daffodils and narcissi. When they bloom, they look like wonderful colorful carpets. A boat cruise among the flowers along the park’s canals adds a touch of romance. Apart from the popular garden, visit the Huys Dever and Keukenhof castles and the tulip museum De Zwarte Tulp.

Goulash is one of the typical local foods available at restaurants in the Netherlands. Traditional Dutch cuisine includes mainly one-pot dishes using potatoes as the primary ingredient. The Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of cheese. Edam and Gouda cheeses are named after the towns where they are produced. The most popular cheese markets in the world are held in Gouda, Edam, and Alkmaar. When buying souvenirs from the Netherlands, pick a delicious cheese. In addition, the production of popular waffles has started in Gouda. Visit a bakery or café and ask for a Stroopwafel, a Dutch sweet snack consisting of two waffles with syrup. You’re going to want to come back for seconds!

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