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Thousands of people visit Switzerland for leisure tour or honeymoon but most often people forget to explore the famous events and festivals happening. This article highlights the major festivals by which travelers planning to book Switzerland holiday tour package can plan to participate in it.

Whether you are frequent traveler or visiting for the first time, let us tell you that Switzerland is also known as the heaven of earth. The Swiss history, culture and folklore is also very famous. Apart from the beautiful places in Switzerland, you will be amazed to know that the colorful festivals celebrated in Switzerland are also worth being part of. If you are looking for a Switzerland tour for holidays then do checkout the list of festivals given below to make your trip more exciting.

1. Grindelwald Snow Festival

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If you love sculpting or wish to explore how these giant sculptures are created in the ice then you should not miss the Gindewald Snow Festival during your trip. Each year during January, artists from all over the world gather at the village of Grindewald for six days. Using their creative skills and imagination they create large sculptors of ice blocks. You can find mythical creatures, animals, abstracts, people, etc. of sculptors.

2. Zurich Festival

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The Zurich festival is a month long cultural festival that takes place in Switzerland. Variety of programmes take place during period which includes dance, music concerts, dramatic theatres, debates, exhibitions, road side food stalls and much more. The entire city is decorated and the momentum of travellers is so high that you will just feel like being in that moment forever.

3. Paleo Festival, Nyon

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Paleo Festival was started as a folk festival in Switzerland, and now has become one of the well-known and famous celebrations in Switzerland. It is outdoor music concert that takes place in Switzerland where more than 250 individual concerts and artists perform for the locals and travellers from the world. Being part of this event will really add excitement to your trip.

4. Basel Fasnacht

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The famous Basel Fasnacht carnival starts early in the morning around 4:00 AM on Ash Wednesday each year. If you wish to be part of the festival then you should get up early and march through the streets with huge wooden and canvas lanterns. You can find large number of people including musicians, actors, singers, etc. wandering through the alleyways. The festival continues till the next morning.

5. Montreux Jazz Festival

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It is the Europe’s second largest Jazz festival that takes place at the banks of Lake Geneva. Some of the most famous international music artists and celebrities visit each year to perform. Musical nights, performances, auditoriums and lake side view makes it really attractive.

6. Swiss National Day

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If not known, August 1 is the national day of Switzerland. Starting with great speeches and singing national as well as traditional songs, then the Swiss flag is hoisted. The city is decorated, fireworks and bonfires are major part of the celebration, and children carry illuminated paper lanterns. Get by the lake side and take a boat ride to get the best view of the fireworks.

7. International Balloon Festivals



The comfortable climate of Switzerland is apt for celebrating hot air balloons because of which Switzerland organizes international Balloon Festivals. People from all over the world travel for a week long celebration and be part of the event. The beautiful clear blue sky is filled with colorful balloons and at night you will be amazed by the spectacular view. The illuminated balloons look more beautiful during the night and add spark to the attraction.

These are some of the best festivals which we have listed based on the reviews and suggestions from those who have traveled to Switzerland. If you want to add to the list then do keep us posted.



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