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Hawaii is an incredible destination year round, as the warm temperatures and sunny beaches make the islands a fantastic place to discover. Whether you want to explore Hawaii’s pristine nature or check out the unique local culture, there is something for everyone on the Hawaiian Islands. Keep reading our month by month guide to the best time to visit Hawaii!

Hawaii In January

January is one of the best months to plan a visit to the Hawaiian Islands. When visiting Hawaii during January, you can expect tropical flowers in bloom and balmy temperatures in the low 80s. Keep in mind that different areas of the islands can have very different climates. For example, the higher elevations on Maui and the Big Island tend to be much cooler, while the beaches are warm and perfect for swimming.

January is a fairly quiet month for tourism except for the first week after the New Year and the third Monday of January for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday. Avoid visiting the week of New Years for more reasonable hotel and airfare rates. Accommodations typically run around $350 per night during January in Hawaii.

Highlights of a January visit to the Hawaiian Islands include the humpback whale migration. January is the peak of migration, making it possible to see thousands of whales. You can check out some whale watching tours here. This is also a great time to visit Oahu for big wave surfing competitions and the Chinese New Year holiday that is celebrated throughout the islands.

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii in February

Hawaii In February

If you’re looking for ideal temperatures, definitely consider traveling to Hawaii in February. Temperatures hover between 78 and 80 ℉. The waters and beaches remain warm and inviting all month, making this the perfect time of year for water sports and sunbathing. With nighttime temperatures in the mid to high 60s, be sure to pack a light sweater. February can see a bit more rain than other months, but if you stick to the leeward side of the islands, it won’t dampen your spirits or your trip.

While the Hawaiian Islands are perfect for a romantic trip, it’s best not to plan your visit during Valentine’s Day as restaurants and couples-only resorts tend to fill up. Besides Valentine’s Day, February sees fewer travelers than other months, making it the perfect time to visit the best spots on the islands. Accommodations are, on average, $375 a night, and airfare is reasonably priced during this time of year.

The humpback whale migration continues in February and is worth planning to see. You can check out some whale watching tours here. In early February, head to the Big Island for the Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival. In mid-February, the island of Kauai celebrates music and heritage with the Laupahoehoe Music Festival. February is also the premiere month for surf competitions on the North Shore of Oahu.

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Hawaii in March

Hawaii In March

If you’re looking for days filled with sunshine and nights with chilly ocean breezes, then March is the perfect month for your visit to Hawaii. Daytime temperatures hover between the 70s and low 80s with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. Make sure to pack a light sweater because temperatures dip into the low 60s during March evenings. March is also known to have a bit more rain than other months, but those looking for drier weather can stay in southern Kauai or Maui.

Due to Spring Break and Easter, March tends to have a higher volume of travelers. The island of Oahu, in particular, sees the highest volume of travelers, while Kauai tends to be the least busy during March. Accommodations average around $370 per night during March. However, airfare tends to be more expensive during this time of year due to Spring Break.

In March, head to Oahu for the annual Honolulu Festival, one of the Hawaiian Islands’ premiere cultural events. On Kauai, you can enjoy the Prince Kuhio Festival, a cultural event featuring art, parades, music, and food. The most sought-after ticket in March is for the annual Kona Brewers Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is the perfect activity for foodies and beer lovers alike. While celebrating local handcrafted brews and cuisine, this festival is also all about sustainability and zero waste.

Hawaii In April

The joys of spring will greet travelers planning a trip to Hawaii in April. This month is the perfect time to visit Hawaii, thanks to a lower flow of travelers, ideal weather, and below average hotel and airfare costs. Unlike many other places in the United States, Hawaii’s spring means tropical daytime temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. Temperatures are slightly cooler in the evening and can dip into the low 60s, particularly along beaches.

The warm waters in April invite visitors to swim, snorkel, or learn to surf. April in Hawaii means fewer crowds, making it the perfect time for couples to visit the islands during this time. The driest locations on the islands are south Maui, southwestern Oahu, and the Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Accommodations and airfare are generally below average in April, with hotels costing around $350 per night.

The most significant event during April is the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Honoring King David Kalakaua, the festival celebrates the proud traditions, native language, and arts of the islands. You can enjoy the world-famous hula competitions, the Invitational Hawaiian Art Fair, hula shows, and more. Other April events include the Waikiki Spam Jam and the Honolulu Brewers Festival, both on the island of Oahu.

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii in May

Hawaii In May

May is one of the best months to visit the Hawaiian Islands due to the fantastic weather, great festivals, and limited crowds. Although many places in the U.S. see an increase in rain during May, that’s not the case for Hawaii! Guests find the islands have an average daytime temperature in the 80s and low 60s in the evenings.

The crowds on the islands dissipate in May, except in Waikiki when the city sees an uptick of Japanese travelers thanks to the Golden Week holiday. You will have many of the most beautiful beaches and top attractions to yourself until Memorial Day weekend. May is also one of the best times to visit the island in terms of accommodations and airfare, which are both well below the average. The average hotel price dips to $310 per night, and airfare is typically cheaper as well.

May 1st marks Lei Day in Hawaii, and you can find celebrations throughout the islands. Each island has its own celebrations that range from lei-making competitions to luaus and hula dancing to royal court processions. You can also enjoy the unique music of Hawaii at the Mele Mei, a month-long musical celebration on Maui.

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii
Hawaii in June

Hawaii In June

June marks the beginning of summer on the Hawaiian Islands, and while temperatures are still fantastic by the end of the month, visitors flock to the beaches for summer vacation. You won’t find better weather in Hawaii than during June. Rain rarely happens during this time of year, making it a great time to visit the islands. Temperatures in this tropical paradise are in the mid to low 80s during the daytime, with nighttime temperatures dropping into the high 60s. June also brings warm and welcoming ocean temperatures, perfect for learning to surf.

While June isn’t considered peak season in Hawaii, this month does mark the beginning of summer and a boom in tourism. The islands are a bit more crowded toward the end of the month especially, with schools letting out around the U.S.. Hotel rates are typically lower during the first two weeks of June and will steadily rise as Hawaii enters peak tourist season. Hotel prices usually range from $365 per night at the beginning of the month to $395 by the end of June.

If you’re interested in a huge Hawaiian festival, make sure to book your trip around June 11, which is King Kamehameha Day. This is actually a state holiday in Hawaii, and you can enjoy events throughout the islands. One of the most popular and celebrated events is the draping of the lei ceremony. This takes place at Aliʻiolani Hale in downtown Honolulu when a thirty-foot traditional lei is hung over the massive statue of King Kamehameha. You can also experience the Maui Film Festival and the Kapalua Wine Festival on Maui during the month of June.

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii in July

Hawaii In July

July brings amazing weather and peak tourist season to the islands of Hawaii. While rain is very rare in July, you’ll find that Hawaii is incredibly crowded during this time of year. Daytime temperatures are perfect in the mid-80s, with lows dipping into the low 70s during the evening. July is also a phenomenal time to take in a stunning technicolor sunset along one of Hawaii’s pristine beaches. The ocean is balmy and calm, with water temperatures in the 80s, making this an excellent time for swimming and snorkeling in Hawaii.

While July is crowded throughout the month, the busiest time of the month is typically the 4th of July weekend, when families love to travel to Hawaii to celebrate America’s independence. Of course, the crowds bring higher accommodation prices, averaging between $380 and $395 per night. Airfare also tends to be more expensive during this time of year.

Hawaii is known for spectacular 4th of July fireworks displays. The 4th of July fireworks shows are total crowd pleasers, with average attendance being somewhere around 50,000 people. If you want to avoid crowds, there are plenty of other festivals to enjoy. You can have fun at the Pineapple Festival on Lanai, which includes booths, crafts, food, and entertainment. Or check out Koloa Plantation Days, a 10-day event on Kauai that celebrates uniting the varied cultural groups of Hawaii.

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii in August

Hawaii In August

Hawaiian summers can be deceivingly hot, and August is the high season for families to visit the islands. This month is also an incredibly popular time for honeymooners to visit this tropical paradise. Temperatures begin to soar in August, and the average temperatures are in the high 80s to low 90s. August nights remain relatively balmy in the 70s, and the odds of rain are low. Keep in mind that less rain means less water, so this isn’t a great time to visit waterfalls.

August is a peak tourist season in Hawaii, and families travel to the islands early in the month due to most U.S. schools beginning later in the month. That means the first two weeks of August are usually the busiest time, and crowds start dissipating as the month draws to a close. Accommodation prices drop by the end of the month, averaging below $375 per night. Airfare to Hawaii tends to be more expensive during August, so book your flight early.

August is one of the best months to travel for Hawaiian Festivals, as there are many fun cultural events during this time. Enjoy the annual Ho’oku’i Kahi Establishment Day Hawaiian Cultural Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii. The festival showcases the islands’ culture with over 20 ancient arts and crafts workshops, Hawaiian games, demonstrations, and traditional Hawaiian music. Or check out the Made in Hawaii Festival on Oahu. This festival features hundreds of exhibitors showcasing Hawaiian books, gifts, food products, and jewelry.

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii in September

Hawaii In September

September is also considered one of the best times to visit the Hawaiian Islands, as the summer crowds wind down and prices drop. Although this month marks the end of summer, the temperatures continue to soar and remain in the upper 80s and low 90s during the day. Evenings are temperate and comfortable in the lower 70s. September also brings some of the warmest water temperatures of the year.

Labor Day weekend does tend to be crowded in Hawaii. However, after the holiday, crowds dissipate very quickly. September is a great month to visit the Hawaiian Islands to avoid crowds. This is also one of the best times to visit in terms of accommodations and airfare prices. Hotel prices dip well below average at $340 per night, and you can get great deals on airfare during this shoulder season.

Those looking for festivals will love visiting Hawaii in September. The annual Aloha Festival on Oahu runs through September and features unique events. You can enjoy Hawaii’s largest street party, parades, and plenty of cultural food, fun, and music.

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii in October

Hawaii In October

The rainy season begins each October in Hawaii so bring an umbrella! But you can absolutely still enjoy the beauty of the islands during this time of year. In Hawaii, rain tends to fall at night and won’t play a huge role in your visit to any of the islands. Keep in mind that the Big Island of Hawaii sees the least rainfall, while Kauai sees the most rain annually. October temperatures are tropical, in the low 80s, with evenings being pleasant in the low 70s.

This is hurricane season in the Pacific, and although Hawaii isn’t affected by hurricanes often, they are still possible. If you want to avoid the summer crowds, then October is a great time to visit Hawaii. For those on a budget, October brings price drops for both accommodations and airfare. Hotel prices average $325 per night and airfare drops below average in October.

Foodies will want to plan their trip to Hawaii during October for the annual Food and Wine Festival. The festival covers multiple islands over the course of three weekends. Each event features master chefs, culinary personalities, and wine and spirits producers. The Coconut Festival on Kauai honors the coconut with artisans, cooking demos, crafters, entertainment, and coconut games. Take part in the coconut pie eating contest, the coconut cook-off, or just enjoy plenty of food featuring the star of the event – the coconut!

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii in November

Hawaii in November

A visit to Hawaii in November means higher-than-average rainfall and fantastic tropical temperatures. As is the case with other rainy months in Hawaii, most precipitation occurs during evening hours. When rain does happen during the day, it is often sudden and short-lived. Average daytime temperatures are temperate and in the low to mid-80s, and nights are typically chilly, usually in the high 60s. November also brings the end of hurricane season in the Pacific, making it a fairly safe time to visit the Hawaiian Islands.

Besides the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend, November is a great time to avoid crowds. The lack of visitors comes with a drop in prices in terms of hotel and airfare. You should avoid traveling at the end of the month to dodge the holiday crowds. Hotels typically range from $325 per night at the beginning of the month to $340 per night by the end of the month. Airfare is also lower in November, making it a great month to visit Hawaii for those traveling on a budget.

Coffee lovers should consider visiting the Big Island of Hawaii in November for the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. This festival takes place over ten days and features celebrations honoring Hawaiian coffee and culture. Make sure to visit the Kona coffee farms to learn about the harvest, history, and growth of Kona coffee. Or check out the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing on Oahu’s North Shore at Sunset Beach.

The Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii in December

Hawaii in December

Hawaii has become the go-to holiday vacation spot for those seeking fun in the sun and escaping winter temperatures. With the poinsettia in bloom during December, it’s no wonder people flock to the islands for a tropical getaway. A December day sees daytime temperatures in the low 80s and nighttime temperatures in the upper 60s. December is the rainiest month in Hawaii, but if you are concerned about rain, consider visiting the leeward side of the Big Island of Hawaii or Maui.

December is ideal for water sports lovers to visit the Hawaiian Islands. The beginning of the month sees fewer crowds and offers more tranquility. By the end of the month, visitors are flocking to the Hawaiian Islands to spend their holiday in paradise. The beginning of December provides lower hotel rates, while Christmas week leading up to New Year’s is the most expensive time to visit Hawaii. Hotel rates average $375 per night during the beginning of the month and jump to $465 per night during the peak of the Christmas holiday.

In December, you can find plenty of festive holiday activities and festivals on the Hawaiian Islands. You can experience an authentic Hawaiian Christmas, including exciting luaus, delicious Christmas feasts, or even Christmas Eve dinner cruises. It’s common for communities to put up festive light displays, and you may even find an unexpected (fake) snow display in Hawaii during December.