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Tucked away in the Scottish countryside – between sparkling lakes and rolling green hills – you’ll find adorable villages that are tiny in size, but huge in spirit. The stone streets of these postcard-worthy nooks are lined with colorful storefronts, quaint shops, fishing piers, and of course, local pubs pouring whisky and live folk music.

Whether you’re just driving through or staying in a cute B&B, walking through these villages is like walking through a real-life fairy tale. If you’re searching for some of the best spots in Scotland to add to your bucket list ideas, read on!


Kirkcudbright, Scotland
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Where is it?
Pronounced (kir-coo-bree), this vibrant town is packed with restaurants, tearooms, pubs, and galleries that will complete the art lover’s dream. Discover fascinating exhibitions and participate in fun summer festivities, like fazz festivals, fireworks displays, military tattoos, farmers markets, and art trails.


Pitlochry, Scotland
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Where is it?
Nestled in the heart of Highland Perthshire, Pitlochry is surrounded by dramatic scenery and hiking paths. Enjoy a lovely Scottish breakfast at a local cafe, weave in and out of local shops, then put on your hiking boots on climb Ben Vrackie for some glorious views. And, just 20 minutes south, you’ll find The Hermitage – one of Scotland’s most beautiful forests!


Melrose, Scotland
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Where is it?
Yes, of course, Melrose Abbey and the Abbotsford House are stunning old structures, but Melrose has so much more to offer! Stroll through this hip and happening town, loaded with trendy eateries and lively pubs. Filled with pretty stone facades and hilly streets, this town is the perfect place for an overnight or day trip.


Dean Village near Edinburgh, Scotland
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Dean Village

Where is it?
Staying in Edinburgh? Take a step back in time in this old-world village! While it’s walkable from Edinburgh’s city center, it’s far removed from any sort of urban bustle. Spend a lovely day in the gardens and take beautiful photos of Well Court. Enjoy a morning of peace and serenity, then be back at Edinburgh Castle by the afternoon. Best of both worlds!


Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland
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Where is it?
Yes, the Isle of Skye is known for its otherworldly natural beauty, but let’s not foget that it’s also home to one of the cutest, candy-colored villages in Scotland! Portree boasts the laid back, relaxed feel of a tiny fishing village. Think: local pubs where everyone knows each other, amazingly fresh seafood restaurants, and a harbor for beautiful sunset-watching.


Killin, Scotland
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Where is it?
This lovely village rests right at the western head of Loch Tay in Stirling. Not only does Killin boast an adorable main street, but it’s also perfectly located around the scenic Falls of Dochart! Stunning natural landscapes, charming cottages, and lovely shop-lined streets? Yes please. This is definitely a place you want to add to your European bucket list!


Plockton, Scotland


Where is it?
Nestled in the western Highlands on the edge of Loch Carron, this picturesque harbor town boasts beautiful cabbage palms – a species of tree that’s normally found in tropical climates! Plockton’s distinctive plant life creates a unique blend of Scottish cottage life and beachy relaxation.


Tobermory, Scotland
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Where is it?
The colorful capital of the Isle of Mull, this fishing town is beloved by Scots and locals, alike. With tons of shops, pubs, restaurants – and, oh yeah – gorgeous scenery and wildlife at your fingertips, a visit to Tobermory is always a beautiful Scottish experience. There are a ton of wildlife tours in this area but if you’re more of a food and drink explorer, Tobermory has many cafes, pubs, and restaurants that are great.


Pittenweem, Fife, Scotland
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Where is it?
This picturesque village on the coast of Fife will make you feel like you’re in a movie. With a “wee” population of only about 2,000, it’s one of Scotland’s most unspoiled scenic spots. Take a morning walk along the water, then indulge in some fish n’ chips at a local restaurant!


Crieff, Scotland
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Where is it?
A favorite of foodies and adventurers, Crieff is the ultimate traditional Scottish market town. Set amidst Perthshire’s stunning scenery, this vibrant town boasts a wide range of family-run shops, cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants. You’ll feel like a local as soon as you step foot on main street. Before you go, try learning a few common phrases that are used in Scotland!


Luss, Scotland
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Where is it?
Tucked away on the west bank of Loch Lomond, near the spectacular Trossachs National Park, lies the pretty, cottage-filled town of Luss. With Scottish history, scenery, and an old-world feel, this lakeside village is about as Scottish as it gets.

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