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Holiday in Austria on the lake – which lakes are considered the most beautiful, where they are located, and what recreation they offer.

Austria is a well-developed European country, which is known for its wide range of historical monuments and ski resorts, as well as its unique natural settings.

Visitors can enjoy picturesque mountains and crystal clear lakes, which attract millions of people to Austria every year. This article explores some of the most beautiful lakes in Austria and their locations.


Attersee, Austria’s largest lake, is located in the central part of Salzkammergut in Upper Austria. The lake is surrounded by mountains that have a height of up to 1.8 km, as well as small houses with pastel-colored roofs and facades, which organically integrate into the landscape.

This lake in Austria offers crystal clear water, and from its surface, visitors can see through to the bottom, which is 25 meters deep. The lake is located near the municipalities of Seewalchen, Schörfling, Weyregg, Steinbach, and Unterach.

Attersee is quite popular among new and experienced divers. Visitors can also enjoy magnificent views while floating on Plexiglas canoes. These small transparent vessels can be rented out and provide an opportunity to see the lake’s underwater beauty.

NOTE! A significant part of the Attersee coast is privately owned. It is important to carefully choose a place to park and rest, so you do not trespass.


Weissensee, also known as White Lake, is located in Carinthia at an altitude of 950 m above sea level in the middle of the Alps. It’s considered the cleanest pond in the country and is one of the best options to spend a holiday in Austria on the lake. The lake covers an area of about 6.5 km and has a depth of 99 meters. It got its name due to the unique color of the water, which is milky blue near the shores. The lake’s turquoise-coloured water is often compared to the water surrounding the Maldives. There are several nearby resort villages, such as Weißensee, Techendorf, Gach, and Oberdorf, which offer 200 km of hiking paths and 100 km of cycling paths.

During the summer, the water becomes a bit murky due to plant pollen; however, once autumn arrives, the water becomes absolutely transparent and the bottom can be visible at a depth of 30 meters.

Visitors can go diving, surfing, fishing, and water skiing, and there are places to play beach volleyball on the shore. Visitors can also rent electric and row boats, as well as catamarans and sailboats.

NOTE! Weissensee is in pristine condition, and its shores are mostly undeveloped. It received the European Award for Tourism and Environment making it one of the most beautiful lakes in the European Union.


Erlaufsee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria, is located at an altitude of 827 meters, between Styria and Lower Austria. There are several well-maintained beach areas that feature sun loungers, showers, children’s playgrounds, and cafes. It is an ideal place for enjoying quality time with friends and family. Even on the hottest summer days, the temperature of the water does not rise above 21°C.

The lake is exceptionally transparent, and the bottom can be seen to a depth of 20 meters. Visitors can go diving, surfing, and fishing, and there are hiking paths situated on the southern part of the coast.


Wolfgangsee is located in Salzkammergut, a popular resort region situated on the border of Salzburg and Upper Austria. Due to its unique natural landscape, the lake was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The large lake covers an area of ​​​​approximately 13 sq. km and has a maximum depth of 114 m. It is located near the villages of St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang.

NOTE! About 75% of visitors come to Wolfgangsee in summer. If you are planning to visit the lake during this time, be prepared to see many others enjoying the water.

During the summer, the lake warms up to 25°C. There is a sand beach for relaxing and sunbathing. Zwolferhorn Mountain, situated near the lake, offers hiking paths, an observation deck, a cable car, and a cozy guest house with a restaurant. For water activities, visitors can go diving, fishing, and sailing, and there is a ferry that provides regular crossings.

The lake was first mentioned in 788 when the reservoir was called Abersee. The name Wolfgangsee, which is currently used, was given to the lake after World War II in honor of St. Wolfgang who, according to legend, set up a church. Now, Abersee is the name of a municipality located near the lake.

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Lake Constance

Lake Constance, also known as Bodensee in German, consists of two large interconnected lakes: Upper Lake Constance and Lower Lake Constance. The lake covers an area of about 536 sq. km and is located at the northern foot of the Alps. Its shorelines lie in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria; however, the lake is in a neutral zone that does not belong to any one country.

NOTE! Holidays in Austria on the lake are a popular pastime among people of all ages. Lake Constance is the third largest lake in the world and the second largest in Europe.

Lake Constance is one of Austria’s most attractive tourist destinations due to its many recreational activities. Visitors can enjoy a well-maintained sand beach, a waterpark, a ferry, a dolphinarium, bars, and restaurants. Visitors can also go camping, surfing, diving, yachting, and more. It is even possible to ride in a hot air balloon while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding area.

There are several islands that feature architectural sites, such as Reichenau, Mainau, and Lindau.

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