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From the summits of its mountains to the shores of its lakes, the Canton of Ticino is dotted with a vast number of towns and villages, each with its fascinating past and unique personality. However, there are six that glow with even more splendor and that make tourists who visit them immediately fall in love, giving in them a desire to come back for more.


A natural beauty entirely formed of stone, Lavertezzo is popular in Ticino – and also in Switzerland – for being a picturesque riverside village with a beautiful parish church.

Lavertezzo, the jewel of the Verzasca Valley - ANTON GALITCH - Photography

But what makes this region famous is its double arch bridge passing through crystal blue waters of the Verzasca river: made in the 17th century to promote commerce. Now, it has become a gathering spot for adventurers who dive from it into what can only be defined as ice-cold water.

What makes it great?

  • Valle Verzasca
  • Cimetta
  • Ponte Dei Salti
  • Ponte Tibetano Carasc


The village of Morcote is identified as the most charming village in Switzerland. The village is settled around 10 kilometres from Lugano and also lies on the Lake Lugano shore. You can also book Lugano tours for a wonderful visit to Lake Lugano and Brusino Arsizio e Varese (Italy) on the opposite side of the lake.

The village of Morcote - Things to do in Ticino

If you begin from the promenade, you can go after the stairs moving up to tour the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso. Around 400 steps are going to the Church. Inside, it has wonderful frescoes. The landscape from above is also worth watching.

What makes it great?

  • Parco Scherr
  • Monte San Giorgio
  • Lake Lugano
  • Parco San Grato


Sonogno is a hamlet in the Verzasca Valley within the area of Locarno. It has well-preserved granite houses and alleyways. The village also has a sheep’s wool workshop (Casa Della Lana), red geraniums, and a museum. It is found at the edge of the valley.

Sonogno Map - Village - Ticino, Switzerland - Mapcarta

The great mountains surrounding it make it the perfect beginning spot for memorable hikes. At the same time, the streets throughout town provide many opportunities to shop or sit down for regional products such as cheese, wine, honey, and cold cuts.

What makes it great?

  • Verzasca
  • Museo Di Val Verzasca
  • Monte Zucchero
  • La Froda

Bosco Gurin

Bosco Gurin is settled in the Vallemaggia region of Ticino canton. Specifically, it is in Val di Bosco, 35 km northwest of Locarno. Its inhabitants are mainly German-speaking (Gurinder Deutsch) despite being officially within the Swiss Italian Heritage.

Bosco Gurin – traditions and legends | Ascona-Locarno

At 1,505 m above sea level, it is also the highest mountain hamlet in Ticino. Bosco Gurin is a one-of-a-kind cultural scenery in the heart of the alps. It is definitely worth visiting.

The village is unique because it is one of the few places in Switzerland where the town remains unchanged from how it was many years ago.

What makes it great?

  • Walserhaus Gurin
  • Pizza Bombogne
  • Lago Pero
  • Lago Melo


Corippo is a small and picture-perfect hamlet in the district of Locarno, Ticino. Precisely, it is on the westernmost slope of the Verzasca Valley.

Swiss village of Corippo to be turned into big hotel | CNN

Today, it is the least populous village in Switzerland and home to only nine inhabitants and various stone houses built of granite and slate roofs. The village is currently under national historical security by the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

What makes it great?

  • Valle Verzasca
  • Ponte Dei Salti
  • Lago Di Vogorno
  • Madone


Foroglio in Bavona Valley houses one of the most magnificent falls in Ticino. Bavona Valley (Val Bavona) is recognised as the wildest area in the canton. The 19-km-long Bavona River flows within this side valley of Maggia Valley.

Swiss Villages: Foroglio – Waterfall In Ticino (4K) | Boomers Daily

The village is beautiful, similar to other towns in the valley. But the ancient stone houses amidst the scenery of trees, waterfalls, and the river make it amazingly special. Foroglio Waterfall, the 110m fall, is also worth attending.

What makes it great?

  • Nufenen Pass
  • Ossola
  • Valle Maggia
  • Cascata Del Toce


Verdasio is a tiny mountain hamlet in Centovalli. Similar to Corippo, it does not have many permanent inhabitants. Actually, there are only 20 listed inhabitants here.

Verdasio - Wikipedia

The Cristoforo Church and Santi Giacomo Maggiore built back in 1578 is worth-watching. Moreover, another worthwhile site for travelling is the Madonna Della Segna Chapel. There are also fascinating historic houses such as Casa Cavalli, Casa Tosetti, and Casa de Martini.

What makes it great?

  • Piazza Grande
  • Lake lugano
  • Three Castles of Bellinzona


Giornico is a small, peaceful village at the edge of the Leventina Valley with nearly 850 inhabitants. Found near Bellinzona, this Village has an amazingly strong cultural heritage.

Giornico, TI | Switzerland Tourism

At the Village, the Church of St. Nicolao is a Romantique masterpiece. This church devoted to Saint Nicholas is today considered a national monument. You can also pay a visit to other incredible churches like San Michele, San Pellegrino, and Santa Maria del Castello.

If you are interested in touring a Grotto, Grotto dei due Ponti rests on an island and can be reached via two bridges. They serve pure local and Swiss Italian cuisine from the area.

What makes it great?

  • Museo Di Leventina
  • San Nicola
  • Museo La Congiunta
  • Madom Gross


An old fishermen’s hamlet, Gandria is one of Ticino’s most-loved places for a day tour. It is easily accessible by ferry or by getting a pleasant and comfortable path from Lugano.

Gandria - Wikipedia

Its houses, constructed on the water edge, were all designed in various colours to be easily noticeable from a distance by fishers while arriving home in the dark.

The old ancestral fishing vessels still lie on the shore, offering visitors the impression of travelling back in time.

What makes it great?

  • Swiss Customs Museums
  • Museo Wilhelm Schmid
  • Sasso Della Predescia


With this handy list of the beautiful villages in Ticino, Switzerland, you can be sure of a fun-loaded and active vacation in the villages. Each place stated above will add value to your tour and keep you entertained. So, without additional ado, plan your holiday and start your journey in the mountainous country.