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The mere mention of Switzerland creates a beautiful image in our minds, and we are blown away by it. Switzerland encompasses a great diversity of landscapes and climate, and the whole world is awed by its beauty. The city of Zurich embodies both the beauty of the landscapes as well as the commercialism of the city. Shopping is a kind of activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages, with different tastes and different fashion sense. The city of Zurich has some incredible collection of shopping malls which you just can’t resist. Here’s a rundown of the top shopping malls in Zurich, Switzerland.

1. Letzipark shopping center

Letzipark |

Everybody loves shopping and everyone one of us has a different fashion sense. This is a shopping Center which caters to the needs of everybody and you will leave the place happy and content. From some brilliant fashionable clothing and casual wear to graceful formal wear, this is your one-stop destination to get everything. The mall has about 50 stores, which includes electronic specialists, a sports shop, a furniture store and a dry cleaner outlet. If you are crazy about gadgets or sports, there is something for you, as well. A little snack is always nice after shopping and they have a few food outlets, including McDonald to satisfy your cravings. Get your shopping mode on and start your shopping spree right here.

2. ShopVille – Zurich Main Station

ShopVille | Shopping in Zurich

Shopville is open 365 days a year and that means your needs are met even on a holiday. They have a total of 180 stores, including flower shops, bookstores and even a drugstore. The fashion boutiques are so incredible that your wallet will definitely take a hit. When in Zurich, make sure that you visit this beautiful mall and take some of the authentic stuff with you.

3. Sihlcity

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We all have hectic lives and going out with our friends and family just lifts the burden for some time. Shopping and movies are one of the most common interests of a lot of people and this mall will entertain you to the fullest. They have created a small city by integrating a 213-foot (65 m) brick chimney and three other buildings, which is pretty fascinating. This mall has a brilliant collection of restaurants and bars that you can choose from and make a fabulous day out. Movie lovers have something in store for them, as there are some incredible movie theaters and special events to entertain you.

This is not it, the mall has a minacit. Sihlcity has its own childcare facilities, where parents can leave their kid for some fun time and indulge in their own interests. There is a cuddly toy zoo, a reading bus, a large handicraft corner, and much more to make sure that the children have a great time, isn’t this amazing? The full entertainment package is waiting for you, so hurry up and make an interesting day out.

4. Neumarkt Altstetten

Neumarkt, Zurich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a huge place, in a beautiful corner of Zurich, with all sorts clothing brands. There is a huge supermarket, as well, where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, and a variety of other food items. You can roam around a shop to your heart’s desire.

5. Europaallee Passage

FZ Europa-Allee Teil 2 innen in der Europa Passage

This is one of the biggest shopping malls in Zurich and definitely a dreamland for the sports fans. The main attraction of this place is the bicycle shop, skateboard shop, and an Ochsner sport, which is a sportsman’s paradise. There are some fashionable clothing sections, as well and what may be the busiest Starbucks in Zurich. The ambiance will take your breath away, the lighting is so amazing that you would want to roam around all day. So, breeze away into this wonderful mall and have an amazing day.

6. Jelmoli

Jelmoli Christmas lights 2006

This is the oldest shopping complex that was founded 185 years ago, and it has gone through its ups and downs, but still stands strong in the city of Zurich. The store encompasses thousands of brands, spread over six humongous floors. From jewelry to clothes to cafes and food market, the place has it all. There are local as well as international brands that you can choose from and one major highlight of this place is the first cheese humidor in Switzerland, where more than 250 types of cheese of the highest quality are stored.

7. Brunaupark

Buena Park Mall interior, May 1975

This is a huge place in Zurich which is always crowded whatever the day. The ambiance of the place is attractive and there are a huge number of stores, from shoes to barber shop to a pet shop. It is a very unique type of shopping complex with stores that you would not generally find in shopping malls. There is a special store called Migros, which is very famous and people from different corners of Zurich come here to purchase something adorable. Have a stroll down to this mall and be fascinated by its uniqueness.

8. Züri 11


The ambiance of this place is just mind blowing and you can feel that from the point you enter this mall. The stores are beautiful and the staff will help you find exactly what you need, which is really nice. You will find a lot of things under one roof and you don’t need to wander much, which is a delight in itself. This mall should be on your list when you plan a trip to Zurich and find yourself some interesting products.

9. Top Market

Tops market - Chaweng, Koh Samui

We all require things on a daily basis and if all of them are available at one stop then that’s cherry on cake. This is the best supermarket, where you will find extensive collection of the day-to-day goods at an affordable price. Households items, toys, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, swimwear, home textiles, and much more. All of these are available in one zone and that is amazing. Look no more for your daily necessities and come running to this place to find your things.

10. Bahnhofstrasse

Bahnhofstrasse Zurich | Shopping in Zurich

Shopping becomes more interesting if you have a lake on the side for fresh breeze and amazing view. Bahnhofstrasse is a spectacular shopping mall, which connects Lake Zurich with the Main Railway Station. The mall encompasses all sorts of boutiques, department stores and timepiece stores and is always worth a visit. Also, you can enjoy some wine while roaming around the lake and having a nice time. So, get on your shoes and get going!!

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Zurich is an amazing place and shopping through the lanes of this place makes you feel like a part of their beautiful culture. When in Zurich, never miss out on any opportunity to explore the shopping malls