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When in the netherlands, or holland if you will, one of the must-see hotspots is definitely scheveningen. You probably can’t pronounce it as the dutch do, but that should keep you away from this wonderful coastal town. Although it’s not really a city or town, it is a district of the hague that is located on the coast of the netherlands.

What are the five things to do in Scheveningen that you can’t miss on your visit? We’ll tell you all about it with our colorful pictures and enthusiastic tales 


The iconic Pier in Scheveningen reminds us of the Pier in Santa Monica with a dash of Dubai. It’s a big impressive construction that is designed as the centerpiece of the boulevard. You can go left or right of The Pier and you will find endless beach clubs, restaurants, and entertainment.

But The Pier in itself is a fun little getaway. This pier has little street vendors with stroopwafels, there are dozens of shops with fun little nonsense to buy, and there are a dozen of themed bars to chill out at. But that’s not what makes The Pier so special…

Did you know you bungee jump from The Pier? And that you can also sit the giant Ferris wheel? And not to forget; you can zipline above The Pier!

That isn’t even everything, because you can also sleep at The Pier (amazing views!), you can upgrade your health at the Health Lab, train at the Werkplaats, let your kids go crazy at the Play & Bounce, and even get some work and meetings done in the offices. What a great location to do all these activities!


Just by strolling around on the boulevard of Scheveningen with no clear plan, you will encounter so much (fun!). You will see all sorts of unique people (from funny-looking locals to street artists and to all sorts of fun-loving tourists from far away places) and encounter probably close to a hundred great beach clubs, restaurants, and cafes. There are just so many to chose from and you’ll wanna sit, enjoy, drink and eat at every place you’ll pass by.

This rather expensive touristy area might be a bit too touristic for some, but to have a great time, enjoy the sun, drink a cocktail, eat your belly full, you’re at the right place!


The Grand Hotel Amrath Kurhaus in Scheveningen sounds majestic, looks majestic from the outside, but was our stay also majestic? You can read our review of the Kurhaus right here. Spoiler alert; it was stately, it was impressive, but this old lady has lost her voice.

The rooms aren’t that great, so staying in the hotel is not a must-do, but strolling around it for a couple of minutes is definitely worth your time. If you don’t have the budget to stay here, no worries. Just walk in like you own the place and look around in the main hall. You will get a taste of what it was like. This prestigious building reminds us of Versailles in Paris, and that’s a very good thing. And while you are there, imagine that The Rolling Stones held a concert in that hall in the ’60s and that royalty and nobility cheered on the good life!

Read our full hotel review of the Kurhaus right here > >


You’ll find on the right side of The Pier, like 5 minutes walking further, the Black Path road (Zwarte Pad). It’s just a name for a collection of really excellent beach clubs. This little area of about 8 beach clubs is considered to be where the locals (from The Hague, Scheveningen, Amsterdam, etc.) sunbathe, relax, wine, and dine.

We were quite impressed with the themes, the great music, the more affordable menu cards, and how more authentic this area was. The sunkissed Dutch people love to hang out here with friends, their family and kids, their co-workers, and their dates. The vibes here are just something special. It’s as if you are in Bali!

Pro-tip: get yourself a comfortable chair/couch/bed and stay here all day, you’ll love it! Just watching all these people walk by is worth the money spent in the beach clubs. We stayed at Indigo Beachclub (great music!) and the Patagonia Beachclub (the Bali slow ribs and sweet potato fries are yummy!).

Your bucket-list location is waiting for you. But first, you´ll need a ticket up in the air!


Last but not least, the amazing sunsets and sunrises here in Scheveningen can be absolutely magical. If you time it right, you can really have a jaw-dropping morning and/or evening. We’ve had the luck of seeing one of the most beautiful sunsets in our lives!

The Pier helps with contrast, the horizon creates great lines and the beautiful rough water makes it a scene. What a view!

Inspired to also see this bucket list location? and make dreams come true!


There are a lot of things to do, see and eat in Scheveningen. Just walking down the beach is already so enjoyable. Or even just sitting there on the beach and enjoying the beach life is worth the visit.

If you stay more than one or two days, then really try to enjoy the shops, the arcade, the Foodhallen (a collection of food stands in one area, we recommend the Mexican stand!), the Sealife aquarium for the kids, and the Holland Casino for the adults. After a couple of days of pure fun in Scheveningen, your wallet will be empty, but your face will have a big smile on it!

Source: https://freebirdsmagazine.com/

By Lala