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Whether in summer or winter, during an active holiday in Austria, you can work up quite a sweat. A refreshing drink is just what you need! Are you familiar with the local specialties? We’ll list the most delicious Austrian beverages for you here. During your next vacation in Austria, you’ll know exactly what to order!

Non-alcoholic recommendations:

You must try the typical Austrian soft drink called Almdudler (Alm Dudeln means yodeling)! Almdudler is a refreshing drink made from alpine herbs, but its exact recipe is a well-kept secret. Also, give holunderblütensaft a try. This special drink, based on elderflower syrup, is a true specialty and not only refreshing but also has medicinal properties. Usually, the elderflower syrup is diluted with sparkling mineral water. Austrians also use the same sparkling water in a “Gespritzter Apfelsaft,” also often called Apfelschorle. The delightful local apple juice provides an instant energy boost, while the combination with mineral water is also great for quenching thirst. On the menus of many mountain huts and restaurants, you’ll also find johannesbeersaft, a dark, sweet juice made from currants, which is also mixed with sparkling water or mineral water. Finally, during the summer season, you can order a glass of ‘skiwasser.’ This energy booster is a mixture of raspberry syrup, lemon juice, and mineral water. It’s wonderfully refreshing!

Oostenrijkse zomerdrankjes proost

Cheers to the good life!

Light-alcoholic treats:

If you enjoy a summery wine, why not try the schilcher, a type of Austrian rosé made from the Blauwe Rebacker grape? A delicious fruity wine for your vacation chalet’s balcony on a sultry summer evening. In Austria, it’s quite common to add (sparkling) water to wine, transforming it into a good thirst quencher with a lower alcohol content. Red wine with cola (Cola-Rot) and white wine with 7-Up or Sprite (Weiß-Süß) are also quite common in local bars and restaurants. The Austrian tradition of diluting drinks is also seen in beer. The well-known Radler is essentially nothing more than beer mixed with lemonade. When it comes to beer, Austria offers many delicious local brews available in 0.5 liters (a Krügerl), 0.3 liters (a Seidel), or the smallest size of 0.2 liters, the Pfiff. Especially during high temperatures, the delightful white beers, Weizen or Weißbier, are highly recommended!

A guide to Austrian drinks: beer, wine, and cocktails | Expatica

Delicious mixed drinks:

A refreshing and popular mixed drink, which is now also well-known here, is the Hugo. Hugo is a mix of holunder (elderflower syrup), sekt, sparkling mineral water, mint, and lemon. It’s served in a nice large glass with ice. Another recommendation is the Aperol Spritz, a mix of sekt, sparkling water, orange, and Aperol, which resembles Campari. Both the Hugo and Aperol Spritz are often served so beautifully that they feel like cocktails.

A guide to Austrian drinks: beer, wine, and cocktails | Expatica

Invigorating spirits:

You can order Schnapps everywhere in small, specially designed glasses. These fruit liqueurs contain at least 32% alcohol. Among them, Marillen (apricot) and Williamsbirne (pear) are a sweet sensation.



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