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According to a UNICEF study, this country has the happiest children in the world, so these women must be doing something right. Obviously, no population fits neatly into a single set of generalizations, but there are a few mothering characteristics that seem uniquely Dutch. We could write a book (and others have) about all the wonderful qualities of Dutch mothers, but here are our top ten.

1 They are a peculiar (and effective) combination of relaxed and strict.

Sprinkled chocolate for breakfast? Of course! Having supper after 17:30? NEVER!

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms2 They understand equilibrium.

The majority of Dutch women (68 percent) work approximately 25 hours per week on a part-time basis. Therefore, they are able to invest in both a career and a family life. This control over their lives and schedules alleviates stress, allowing them to enjoy work and home life more. Happy parents produce happy children.

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms3 They are discreet.

They are not performing sunrise yoga at the gym, preparing Pinterest-worthy school lunches, or wearing high heels to the park. The Dutch proverb “doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg” translates to “just be normal, then you’re already crazy enough.”

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms4 They do not perform all tasks.

In the Netherlands, where the majority of men also work part-time, motherhood is a team sport in which sacrifice is not required. Papadag, or “dad day,” is a weekday when fathers stay at home with their children, and it is quite common in Turkey. Parents in the Netherlands also enlist the assistance of grandparents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, and cousins, so that the childcare team consists of a large family network that is frequently supplemented by daycare during the week.

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms5 They are robust.

They live by the expression zuinigheid met vlijt, which translates to “frugality and tenacity.” In all weather, Dutch women cycle to work with as many children as two wheels (or more if they have a bakfiets) can carry. They are sturdy, diligent, and expect their children to follow the rules.

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms6 They give their children independence… and responsibility.

They do not engage in helicopter parenting at playgrounds. A fall from the monkey bars will teach the youngsters to be more cautious in the future. This independence comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Once their children are of age to contribute to household chores, they are expected to do so.

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms7 They value the peaceful moments.

When the children are playing peacefully, you will find the mothers sipping coffee and savoring the rustig moment.

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms8 They are skilled jugglers.

Due to the part-time work arrangement, Dutch mothers must adhere to strict schedules. They find time for their careers, their children, their sports, their friends, and their extended families, and it requires some ingenuity to keep all the balls in the air.

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms
9  They let their children be children.

The widespread occurrence of tiger parenting and stage mothers in the United States is largely absent in the Netherlands. Young children are encouraged to learn through play, and the majority do not begin reading independently until the age of six. Regarding their education, children are permitted to set their own pace and make their own decisions.

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms
10 They cherish their families.

Due to the Dutch emphasis on family, the Netherlands is the part-time work capital of Europe. It is socially acceptable to prioritize spending time with family and friends. People frequently say “oost, west, thuis best,” which translates to “east, west, home is best.” And you can depend on a Dutch mother to make her home the coziest place on earth.

10 Reasons To Love Dutch Moms

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