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While most tourists only visit Amsterdam, the true Dutch way of life can be felt and experienced in the smaller towns and cities. Here are the top tourist destinations in the Netherlands.

The Top Tourist Destinations in the Netherlands

1. Marken Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The NetherlandsFormerly an island in the Zuiderzee, Marken is now connected to the mainland by a dyke. The village is car-free and parking is required at the Kruisbaakweg parking lot.

You can enter the village via the Beatrix Bridge on foot. The typical green wooden houses, bridges, and narrow streets can be found in Marken.

If there aren’t many tourists, you may feel as though time has stopped. On special occasions, some Marken residents are not afraid to wear their traditional attire. If you are searching for the ideal day trip from Amsterdam, Marken is the place to go.

2. Zandaam Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The Netherlands

The core of Zaandam has undergone a profound transformation. The village center of Zaandam is now one of the showcases of the Zaan region, with excellent shopping, nightlife, and cultural and historical attractions.

Visit the Monet Atelier to see the Zaanstraat through the eyes of the French impressionist painter Monet, or follow in the royal footsteps and visit the Czaar Peter House.

3. Zaanse Schans

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The NetherlandsThis region north of Amsterdam transports you to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The region is distinguished by its windmills, historic buildings, and museums that provide a glimpse into life between the years 1600 and 1700. T

The most popular tourist attractions in Zaanse Schans are the traditional wooden houses in vibrant colors. The small wooden houses and canal in Zaanse Schans, along with the typical Dutch tulip flowers, are a sight not to be missed.

4. Rotterdam Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The NetherlandsRotterdam is a real metropole. The city’s impressive skyline is visible from a distance and gives it a grand appearance. Rotterdam is recognized nationally and internationally as a city distinguished by its innovative architecture.

The Piet Blom-designed Rotterdam Cube houses are one of the top attractions. They depict a village in which each dwelling is a tree. Together, the houses form a forest.

5. Giethoorn Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The NetherlandsGiethoorn, located in the province of Overijssel, is indisputably one of the most beautiful Dutch villages.

The only means of access to the old village section of Giethoorn are a walkway and the water. Because of this, Giethoorn is also known as the Venetian city of the Netherlands. The picturesque, tranquil, and nostalgic village merits a visit for a variety of reasons.

Giethoorn is notorious for its numerous channels. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to navigate the canals. In the various types of boats that can be rented, the village is viewed from an entirely different angle. You also reach locations that are otherwise inaccessible.

Cruise past the picturesque farms with thatched roofs in a whisper boat or take an informative cruise to learn more about the village.

6. Volendam Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The NetherlandsVolendam is a fishing village on the IJsselmeer with old houses, cozy restaurants, and the renowned ‘Dijk’. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Volendam to see and experience this unique fishing village and its surroundings. ‘De Dijk’ is the hotspot of Volendam.

Each year, thousands of tourists visit “de Dijk.” With, on the one hand, the harbor and the IJsselmeer, and, on the other, a colorful mix of shops, terraces, good restaurants, fish stalls, souvenir shops, and photo shops where you can take pictures dressed in traditional attire.

7. Amsterdam Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The NetherlandsAmsterdam is one of the Netherlands’ most popular tourist destinations. There is nothing more Dutch than Amsterdam. At its core, at least, Amsterdam is obviously very Dutch. A significant portion of Dutch history can be traced back to the capital. Presently, the city center of Amsterdam has been transformed into an open-air museum where tourists outnumber locals.

There are so many incredible attractions in Amsterdam. The city has many popular tourist attractions, including the canals, the classical facades, renowned museums such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, and the Amsterdam ramparts. The great thing about Amsterdam is that you feel like a native Dutchman when walking around the city.

8. Zunderdorp Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The Netherlands

Zunderdorp was one of the larger, earliest Waterland settlements founded by Friesland’s pioneering farmers. There are three settlements in the village: the Nopeind, the Voorwerf, and the Churchbuurt. The origin of the name Zunderdorp is the word’sundels’ These narrow ditches connected the village to the IJ and then to a sea arm of the Zuiderzee. For centuries, milk was transported to the capital via these canals.

9. Groningen Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The Netherlands

Groningen is a vibrant student city. The historic warehouses, courtyards, and buildings of the youngest city in the Netherlands attest to its long and turbulent history. Groningen is also a courageous city, as it contains the most avant-garde architecture within its borders.

10. Lisse Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The Netherlands

Bloemenstad Lisse is situated in the heart of our lovely bulb region. The majority of visitors come to see the Keukenhof Gardens, a world-renowned flower exhibition. Each year, thousands of beautiful flowers bloom here for two months in the spring. During this time period, Keukenhof receives 800,000 international visitors.

11. Almere Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The NetherlandsAlmere is a fantastic location for shopping, dining, and attending the trendiest and most diverse events. In addition, there is (new) nature to enjoy in Almere. The village is also renowned for its experimental and unique architecture.

12. Amersfoort Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The Netherlands

Amersfoort is not a location to bypass. It shares a number of similarities with Utrecht, but has an abundance of unique attractions.

The beautiful Onze Lieve Vrouwe Toren is located in Amersfoort, which is also the geographical center of the Netherlands. However, it is no longer the center because that location has moved. The former center of the Netherlands can still be visited in De Lieve Vrouwe Toren, as it is located in the middle of the tower. The tower is climbable, which is a positive aspect.

13. Utrecht Netherlands

13 Most Beautiful Towns in The NetherlandsUtrecht has numerous points of interest. When driving through the city’s center along the historic Oudegracht and its lively courtyards, you will automatically pass countless national monuments and sites of international significance. The impressive castles, fortresses, and castles are within a half-bike hour’s ride when you mount your bicycle.

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