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Melbourne may not be as old as some of the world’s other cultural capitals, but that hasn’t stopped it from being voted the most liveable city in the world, making it a must-visit destination for many travelers. Even though the only way to truly get to know a city is to see it with your own eyes, a little preparation can go a long way. Here are ten things you must know before visiting Melbourne.

People actually say “g’day, mate”

‘G’day mate’ is not one of those mythical expressions that you may believe was invented or lost over time; it is real and delightful to hear. However, the two words are not always used together. It is more common to hear “G’day” as a greeting. In fact, for many Melbourne residents,’mate’ could be substituted for a comma or a period in spoken sentences.

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
G’Day l | © Ash Seagrave

You will not actually be bitten by a snake, shark, spider, or any other of the world’s most dangerous animals.

Obviously, some unfortunate individuals may fall victim to Mother Nature, but if you stay in the city, you’ll be relieved to hear that you won’t be among them. It is likely that you will encounter a snake if you venture into the woods, but if you take the necessary precautions, you should avoid being bitten. The same holds true for sharks. Typically, only surfers and frequent ocean dwellers encounter these magnificent creatures. However, it is said that spiders are never more than three feet away. Although they are masters of disguise and allegedly adore duvets, this seems unlikely. Sweet dreams.

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
Snake l | © Ash Seagrave

Everything is abbreviated by Melburnians.

Australians are so fond of nicknames and abbreviating words that many store signs are written in slang. Everywhere else in the world, you will see ‘McDonalds’ signs, whereas in Melbourne, you will see ‘Maccas’ signs. Sometimes they simply omit words from sentences, as when “good on you” becomes “on you.” Even their country’s name has too many syllables, so they refer to it as “Straya.”

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells YouAdditionally, they add a ‘o’ to the end of every word.

Once it has been shortened, a ‘y’ or a ‘ie’ is added to the end: ‘barbie,’ ‘ciggie,’ and ‘footy’ are common examples. Otherwise, it will be appended with a ‘o’. In Melbourne, there are no bottle shops, only “bottle-os,” no ambulances, only “ambos,” and there are no afternoons, only “arvos,” not to be confused with the “avo,” which is an avocado. Be prepared for your name to receive the same treatment; if your name is Jon, you will be referred to as “Jono,” and Christine will be referred to as “Chrissie.”

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
Bottleo l | © Ash Seagrave

The sun is your adversary.

The common Australian idiom “you get sunburnt just looking at the sun” is accurate; five minutes in the sun is all it takes to turn your face into a tomato. Apparently, due to the ozone layer’s hole, the sun in Australia is more intense than anywhere else on earth. This increases the UV damage to the skin, which in turn increases the risk of skin cancer; therefore, you should always apply sun cream.

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
Melbourne Sun l | © Ash Seagrave

Also, it does not always shine.

Melbourne is blessed with glorious sunshine throughout the entire summer, but winters are cold. Once acclimated, a six-degree night will have you sleeping with knee-high socks and flannel pajamas, despite the fact that the temperature rarely drops below six degrees Celsius, which most of you probably consider to be mild compared to your winters. It sometimes rains without warning in Melbourne; one moment you’re sunning on the beach, and the next you’re drowning in wet sand.

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
Rain Man Statue-St Kilda Gardens l | © Ash Seagrave

Christmas dinners are consumed outdoors.

Yes, you heard correctly; they eat “Christmas” dinner outside, and the turkey is typically personally hunted (at the local supermarket) and barbecued. Numerous Australians will spend Christmas Day at the beach, picnicking in the botanical gardens, camping in the wilderness, or simply unwinding in their own backyards.

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
Santa’s Entourage | © Sarah Ackerman/Flickr

They are, to be honest, unimpressed by kangaroos.

While the rest of the world envies the Australians for their exotic and fascinating wildlife, they are bored with it. They have little interest in kangaroos because they are so common. Okay, you won’t see them crossing the street in the city, but once you enter the woods, you’ll quickly lose track. Foreigners never tire of “roo spotting” at first, but after a while it becomes as boring as “spot the tree,” and nobody wants to play that game.

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
Kangaroo Toys l | © Ash Seagrave

They enjoy coffee as much as Italians do.

Making coffee is practically an Olympic sport for Melburnians. You will never taste a bad cup of coffee because the vast majority of cafes won’t hire anyone who hasn’t attended barista school or undergone training. It is also rumored that they invented their own coffee style. According to legend, baristas in Sydney invented the piccolo as an alternative to drinking long coffees. It is a relative of the macchiato and is best described as a latte with less volume.

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
© Riyoko Wibowo/Pexels

The phrases ‘down the road’ and ‘close’ have completely different meanings to Melburnians.

When someone says “it’s down the road” in England, you know it’s within a 30-minute walk. In Melbourne, this could mean that the location is three suburbs away, 16 tram stops away, or an hour’s drive in a car, making it anything but walkable. When planning a day trip to the beach or a hike in England, “close” refers to a distance of one to two hours by car. In Melbourne, proximity may entail a four-hour drive to a waterfall or an hour-long flight to the Gold Coast.

10 Things About Visiting Melbourne Nobody Tells You
See you down the road | © Oscarg510/pexels

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